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11 AUTUMN WARDROBE ESSENTIALS // 🍂 #FashionMumblrAutumnEdit 🍂

11 AUTUMN WARDROBE ESSENTIALS – the key pieces you need this fall that will act as staples for a classic wardrobe!
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What I’m Wearing //

Jumper – Club Monaco
Earrings – Zara
Bracelets –

Featured //
Cream midi skirt –
Animal Zara skirt – in store
Snake skirt –
Plaid skirt –
Beige jumper –
ASOS cashmere –
Pink jumper –
Topshop jumper –
White cords –
Zara trousers – in store
Bucket bag –
Camel coat –
PVC Trench –
Cream/Lilac coat –
Snake boots –
Topshop heels –
Topshop tote –
Mulberry Bayswater –
Zara dress – in store
Shirt dress –
Dune loafers –
Dorothy Perkins snake shoes –
Snake blouse –
River Island knit –
Belt bag –
Stories knit –
Stories roll neck –
Snake skirt –
ASOS cashmere knit –
Chloé Tess –


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  1. I just adore your taste ..

  2. My mother had already such plissee skirts in the 1970ies.

  3. Do you have fasion website address? I want buy the neet you ware

  4. Hey Josie, what size are you in the River Island knit? I ordered it in a UK10. I love it, but it's way to short…

  5. I have fell for watching your videos lately. I like your looks. I’m writing you from another country and, unfortunately, there is no &OtherStories Shop here. I want to order a Beige Jumper online with delivery in my country. Could you tell me the size of the Jumper you wear? (S or XS?)

  6. you have such a beautiful taste of clothing,love your video!

  7. Where did u buy your tan trousers please?

  8. Please tell me where you get your rose gold hangers??? Thanks

  9. What bag is that @ 4:25? It's so beautiful

  10. Hello where have you bought the top you wear during the video. Thank you Very much

  11. Hi Josie, I am officially addicted to your channel!!! I bought several items you suggested since I am older now and am looking for a more sophisticated style. I'd love to purchase the topshop wool jacket you recommend or the river island one but neither links work. I also like the white skirt you were wearing with your jewelry arrangement video (not the one from Reiss, a fuzzier one). Can I have links for those three items? Have a fabulous day!

  12. Your style is flawless! I love how all your suggestions are normally classic pieces that will last for years to come and look polished!

  13. Love the jumper you're wearing in the video and couldn't find it.😢

  14. Love your channel! I’ve found it difficult to find channels in keeping to yours. I live in States’ and for some reason find it fashion channels to be more trendy than classic.

  15. Are the snake print heels from Dorothy Perkins true to size? I really want to order them online but I am between a 37 and 38 and I don’t really know what size to get. Love your autumn edit btw, your style is so iconic and classic, you truely are my style icon

  16. Autumn finally arrived today where I live!! Desperately need to reorganize my wardrobe, these videos couldn't have been better timed, thanks a bunch!!! Lovely to watch as always 🙂

  17. So classy and beautiful as usual💜

  18. You are truly the Utube queen of fashion! Such relevant and useful suggestions that will help us ladies make wise choices for our fall/winter wardrobe. Also, thank you for including different options regarding price point. Excellent video 👗👠😉😁

  19. Love the jumper you have on. Gorg!!!!😍😍😍

  20. How u wash this clothes??? To stay soft and colorfull??:)

  21. I think your color choices are very boring. How many white and tan items can you own? I would feel like I'm wearing same thing every day.

  22. You look so beautiful pieces!! I loved all the pieces Josie!! Love love loved the video Thank you!!

  23. U look stunning like an English Rose Josie ☺️💜

  24. hi josie! great video as always!! just wondering how do u take care and wash your cashmere jumpers???? do u send all of them to the dry cleaners?

  25. Great Video Josie, but I missed jumper dresses as part of your autumn essentials ! 💕

  26. Your voice is always so relaxing…..😍😍and your style is😍😍no words…😊😊

  27. Is it just me or do all of these videos seem the same…

  28. Subscribed! I love your videos, you are so nice and classy.

  29. You look beautiful in this vlog!

  30. I love the earring and the top! Fab!!!!! ❤️

  31. Oh my Josie after watching all week I need a bank loan 😂😂 want everything 💕love xxxx

  32. Hi Josie! I have never heard you talk about Massimo Dutti and Uterqüe they are the higher end brands from Inditex (the group to whom Zara belongs to) MD is more classic and Uterqüe slightly edgier, I thought you might wanna check it up xx

  33. My husband & I came back from our 5 days Hong Kong trip last night after travelling there on 1-5 October 2018 ☺️

  34. Josie, I love your autumn fashion vlogs ☺️💜

  35. Your content is amazing – think you must be the hardest working youtuber. I feel like there are a lot of lazy haul videos out there by yours are always so well researched and affordable and you are so polished x

  36. Absolutely loved everything 💕 xx

  37. You are so inspirational 😍❤️

  38. Josie, as always, very classy and elegant!

  39. I'm confused… this is basically a mashup of the previous videos in your autumn series! Same pieces and same commentary. I was expecting something more.

  40. Adore you! I'm slowly turning my black & navy wardrobe over to this beautiful color way of nudes , I love it Josie, thank you for being my go perfect picks! 😊💕

  41. I love the jumper you're wearing! I don't think I would have thought to pick up that style but it looks so lovely on you! I'm not a denim girl either! 😉
    I'm enjoying all these videos every day!!! xoxo

  42. What size did you order in the Reiss skirt?!

  43. Totally timeless pieces yet capturing the trends this season. Well done! I'll be watching this video over and over to keep me on track. Thanks to you I am finally trading black pants and blue jeans for ivory jeans, taupe coats and blush sweaters.

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