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12 Health Problems Your Hands Are Warning You About

12 Things Your Hands Can Tell About Your Health. Hands are one of the first body parts to show signs of aging. But they can also indicate certain health problems. Doctors are sure that the condition of your hands can be a result of several medical changes going on elsewhere in your body.
Here’s 12 symptoms that you should pay attention to in order to maintain your health.

Have you ever experienced any of these symptoms? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. Who is watching this in 2019

  2. I did see some redness on my hand but its very pale you can hardly see it.

  3. I haven't. But thanks for the video. Very educational

  4. I get stiffness and cramp in my finges when I wake up in the morning I think its circulation after a while Its gone

  5. I have those brown streaks on my finger nails! Doctors found melanoma in my right eye. I wonder if that’s what’s causing those streaks or if I have it somewhere else🤔 Has anyone else had this?

  6. give a thumbs up it if you don't have any of these symptoms

  7. We have world’s best health products u don’t believe in this i know just check in yourself in google just type “worlds best health products” and which company u can see pls tell me

  8. Now i realised why my palm sweet during exams 😂😂

  9. So idk if anyone has had this happen to them but somethings my hands feel like their is vary heavy and vary light and when it happens i start to FREAK OUT LIKE I DONT KNOW WHATS HAPPENING AT ALL it a weird fealling and if anyone has experienced this please respond have a grate day!

  10. I discovered that my sweaty palm is coming from stress! It healed when I quit my job and playing horror games lol

  11. When I shower in morning my handsand foots are pain

  12. Unfourtanly my grandmother has psp parkinson it super badshe tremors (which has been around in the family and heart disease and diabetes) but can you people please pray my grandpa has been i come for 5 years please pray he has done super bad stuff to my family put please pray

  13. Am I the only one who was looking around for a vibrating phone due to the intro?

    Just me?


  14. I have always had very weak fingernails and I eat many of those foods you suggested for that problem

  15. Yeah me hands always red but I ain’t over 50 so I predict I’m fine

  16. I was about to start dancing in the beginning.

  17. Cannot move my middle finger, it pains and swells

  18. Nothing runs in family. All problems in body are from food 95 percent of the time

  19. down part of palm has ichin sensation

  20. I had a symptom where all the skin on my hands and fingers peeled off in thick pieces. The skin underneath was fine and not sensitive but it was very alarming, I told my doctor and she said that I may have had an infection that triggered it and we ran tests but never found out what caused it

  21. My finger are a little bit shaky sometimes, but I think it is that I have been gaming last evening and when I think that it will be fine and I calm down so then they stop twitching

  22. I hate how people say symptoms = disease. They say stuff like
    If you have red hands you have liver failure.
    If you have a painful mole you have cancer.
    If you're coughing you have the flu.

    They forget to say "Might" and freak people out.

  23. Wait a minute

    EVEN KIDS :(?

  24. Trembling hands: weak muscles from overuse of hands and shoulders or stiffness in upper body…

  25. Health is wealth. This video gives useful information. 👏👏👏

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