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14 women sue Lyft over driver conduct | ABC News

The women claim in the lawsuit they were raped or sexually assaulted on Lyft rides and that the company must do more to protect its passengers.

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  1. About 5 years ago I was in a taxi and a driver put his hand on my leg. When I told him to take his hand off me he started speaking to me in a very rude way and didn't give me change. After that, I never sit next to taxi drivers. Only if my boyfriend is also in a cab with me.

  2. If these women are found to lie about the rape allegation, they should serve to spend the same time as the men they falsely accused of sexual assault. Too many women are making these claims of sexual assault for quick cash and "fame". I truly feel sorry for the few women who are sexually assaulted.

  3. Uber is paying them… I prefer Lyft over Uber

  4. theres should be an icon in the app that you could choose drivers gender…and should have video surveillance in each car lyft..

  5. don't get in the cars of strange men doubly so if they look foreign to you

  6. Some ladies be lying, out of hate be trying to put men out of work.

  7. If Lyft can’t doing anything then Uber has settlements out of court up the ass!

  8. Lyft should hire only women to drive.

  9. In any private hire or taxi job its vital to have in car cameras which can be used for any alleged misconduct .

  10. If you're a driver for any of these companies get a video recorder of some kind. How many times had a female accused a male driver of something only to have the video prove she lied? A lot. Its a shame because sexual assault IS a problem but false accusations is also a huge problem

  11. The comment section is disgusting you don’t know what these girls went through you don’t have to care about it but keep it to yourselves y’all

  12. Not sure if you drunken losers should be able to sue when you get a ride that cost pennies!

  13. Oh, so now they want people to lose their jobs over ALLEGATIONS? If someone CLAIMS sexual assault occurred, the person must be suspended from his/her LIVELIHOOD for the entire duration of the investigation? Yet more proof that modern feminism is a CANCER to our society!

  14. Drunk white girls are the loudest, rude , flirtatious passengers in Hollywood CA. they are never alone they have their friends with them.
    I wish I can file sexually harassment against some of those girls I have picked up .

  15. Once I was in an Uber and the driver started bragging about how he got a girl to flash him for a free ride. Then he offered to show us the video can footage of it from the interior car camera. I reported him.

  16. Report to Lyft? Report it to law enforcement…

  17. Yet…how many went to the police? Just the one? This country needs to get back to innocent until proven guilty!! If you have proof..GREAT! Go to the POLICE not an attorney or the company he works for!!🤦‍♀️ffs!!

  18. These predators only use lyft? Lol sound like Uber paying these girls

  19. If they were sexually assaulted why wait 9mths on Lyft to help….I don't get why police weren't called immediately after they got away from the alleged assailant (unless they left that important fact out of this report)…BUT if any of these women reported this to Lyft and these drivers are STILL active they may have a case
    I'm a driver & I know I've reported male & female passengers touching me inappropriately and gave them 1 star as well as removed them from my vehicle but I don't know if they were deactivated from using Lyft & never followed up…they may just not match with me again

  20. They don't and this is another reason why we should have a surveillance state

  21. Where are all the women suing the NY State taxi commission for letting this happen countless times in NYC yellow and green cabs

  22. They should have women driver part of the app so we can feel safer

  23. It works both ways. Some passengers are nasty only because they can rate you and abuse everything!

  24. So did these women report these men to the actual police? And get them charged in the court of law? Because yes the sue Lyft and they win some money….. this predator is still out there not in jail….. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  25. Golddidgers how the faq can a driver drive and give sexual assault at same time or do they pull over do the deed then keep driving until destination ⁉️🤷

  26. What about the passengers who hold the drivers hostage for hours on end, the the driver reports to Lyft, the nothing gets done except someone gets banned from the app?

  27. Imagine that. Who knew that getting into a car with a stranger might be dangerous? It’s almost as though this industry should be more tightly regulated with dedicated cars and drivers who are monitored and licensed as chauffeurs. Maybe paint the cars yellow and put a sign on top. We could call them “taxi cabs” or something…

  28. If this was true why didn’t they call the cops on the guys … that would of been on the news before .. but they waited for so long to do a law suit… lyft even has an emergency number that you can call … story’s don’t seem to ad up… there looking for a settlement

  29. Anyone find it funny and sketchy how this video has Lyft ads before it and after it…

  30. Be it a Taxi, Uber, or Lyft this will always be a problem. Predators are everywhere.

  31. These young girls get hammered all day I bet, they probably need money if they bought an attorney its a gamble.

  32. Thats awesome. I use Lyft all the time and think the emergency feature would be amazingly helpful.

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