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15 Min Obese Beginners Weight Loss Workout

This workout has been specifically created for overweight people that display signs of obesity.

It’s a beginner-level training that is easy to do, the difficulty level is also adapted for the beginner level – which means you won’t have a hard time to finish it.

The workout contains simple exercises that are easy to, even at home.

So do the workout now make sure to subscribe to the channel to receive video workouts regularly: every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

Leave me a comment below and tell me how you feel after finishing this weight loss workout!

Good luck and let’s get this started!!💪❤️


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  1. holy crap, I just worked out for 15 minutes! I had gained almost 10 pounds despite being on a diet. hopefully, this will help give me a boost in the right direction! thank you for making this!

  2. Hi
    How many calories does this 15 minute workout burn?

  3. This has become my daily routine. Thank you soooo much.

  4. Great workout if you can't do the floor work do extra on the stuff you can do. I love it and after two weeks of doing this I think I'm gonna move on to the harder workouts 😊

  5. Weigh 75 that’s why good idea to follow this amazing channel

  6. I’m sadly have to say I’m overweight and I’m depressed

  7. Starting my journey and this is a great workout!!!! Will continue to do daily to build up. Thank you (:

  8. Hello! I am a cancer survivor and I put on a lot of weight because if the treatment and beind bed ridden. This was fantastic for start trying my new journey. Thank you!

  9. i'm not obese but i am very lazy so this is perfect for me

  10. My first day. I will continue this workout. Thank you for existing.
    Day 2 : I found it hurts when I did arms circle and side bend, my arms sound like crack but it's ok, nothing bad was happened, i keep doing it.
    Day 3 : almost skip workout but i did it anyway ^^

  11. When should I do these workouts?

  12. I'm obese at least work out his heart I can't get on the floor and do all those kind of things this is not a great obese workout

  13. This is great. I love it. Just what I was looking for. Thank you!

  14. I started a strick 1100 calorie diet in July & I weighed 274.6.I started this exercise program last week & and now down only to 271.6. praying for positive results!

  15. The lady should at least be smiling! BTW this workout seems easy but my 270lbs butt was sweaty after my first session. I liked this, I thought it would be a piece of cake but turns out I was really out of shape. Twice daily and a walk around the block. Been doin this 1 month now and I need a new video!!! Thank you!!!!

  16. I'm 18, 5ft and 14 stone. I managed to do this, although exhausted by the end! Gonna try doing this daily and see how much I can lose!

  17. I am morbidly obese, have fibro, stenosis, arthritis in my spine, ddd, and other things, I did this, and it made me sweat!! Which, is awesome! I didn't have the best posture but, it's a starting point!

  18. How many days it will take to show results

  19. Use a chair or bench for support with squats.

  20. I'm glad something like this exists… Obese or not, not everyone can do zumba.. I have fibromyalgia

  21. I’m obese and this was great! I finished the whole thing while feeling tired but not dead 🙂 excited to work up to harder workouts

  22. Hi.. Can u suggest me wat exercise should I do 2lose belly.. Hip n waist fat in 1 month. Am 57kg

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