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18-year-old college student killed in New York City park

Police are still searching for suspects who demanded money before stabbing Tessa Majors to death.


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  1. the 13 yr old black what a surprise!!

  2. Dis be payback for Jussie Smollet

  3. And Michelle Obama still pissed that whites, asians, hispanics, indians, natives, cross the street when they see black people.

  4. addicts would do anything to get some money… rip angel

  5. The equivalent of 45 murders occur in the U.S every single day, but on the rare occasion that it happens to a young pretty White girl, then people behave like it deserves extra special attention.

  6. Sucks, but people gotta stop going into concealed areas alone at night.

  7. Can you believe the prejudice and hypocrisy by the main stream media? If a white cop or white men killed this girl and she was black, they'd have said ,"a white cop or a white man murdered a girl" yada, yada, yada however I told my husband since they haven't mentioned what color the murderers are, I bet their black. Sure enough! My husband said, minors or not, if they're evil enough to commit murder, they're old enough to get the death penalty!

  8. I'm sure the police were all busy protecting Kosher supermarkets when this woman was brutally murdered.

  9. This is what happens when liberals run your city. This entire situation should have been avoided. Stop and frisk was necessary and so is profiling.

  10. This is a tragedy. Please Never EVER go to the park when it is dark. As a New Yorker that is the number one rule when kids begin to go off on their own. If is is 2PM and it gets cloudy and dark get out. When the sun sets GET OUT!!. Have robbers money in one pocket that you can take out off your pocket. $20 enough so that will not be angry and hurt you. Just put it in a small change purse, toss it and run.

  11. I Up-Loaded a VID!!! I Checked the BOX of NOT for Brats! & SAVE!!!
    ManyTIMES U-Scum-BOTs, just Switch My Choice BACK to Kids!

  12. I HATE the STUPID Comments!!! AnyOne for an InteLLigent TaLk?

  13. Word on the street is that she was looking to score some virtue signal points by picking up some BBC and filming it for the interwebs

  14. No one should go into Harlem or Morningside Park for any reason, Ike Eisenhower was the exception that proves the rule. As President of Columbia University, he would run around the park carrying two military grade pistols. Being armed with just a hand gun will not work. Better is to go in sets of three, each one armed with a semi-automatic rifle. Don’t make my mistake and almost lose your life. This poor young woman brings back all sorts of horrific memories. I cannot express my utter revulsion for this act or the sorrow for her family that is breaking my heart. Horrible beyond belief.

  15. Los padres envían a sus hijos a la universidad para promover sus vidas y alguna persona malvada se lleva una vida, un niño, un sueño. Esto es horrible.La gente es tan repugnante.Que su alma descanse en paz, Dios nos ayude en este mundo cruel. Oraciones a su familia.

  16. I’m not white but why is it, black young males keep committing these types of crimes?
    Going forward, women please start protecting yourself, carry a knife or box cutter since you cannot carry a gun. It’s time for every woman to start defending themselves!

  17. But hey guys, Jessie Smollet got a string tied around his neck, and THAT was 1000 times worst than this crime, so let's not forget that guys, let's all keep our eyes on the ball! (Scarcasm)

  18. People sound surprised , are people that stupid, new york is a shithole. Why was she there, is it true she was looking to buy weed? It is sad but , i always taught my kids be aware of their surroundings, trust no one, people do evil shit, and they do it when your not paying attention .

  19. If this isn't a hate crime there's never been one.

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