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2 people killed, 1 injured when small plane slams into NY home | ABC News

The plane, which had three people aboard, slammed into the home and bursting into flames.

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  1. They need to make small plane flying illegal over residential areas seriously

  2. @leonaza7 like my uncle 2 days ago but he’s not dead

  3. Its the greed, small plane companies want to save money and don't do daily checkups and repair on engine and just it became how maximize your profit. Its also a sign off American economy melt down.

  4. Imagine you chilling in ya house and a plane crash into it outta nowhere

  5. Small plane collisions occur every single day somewhere in the U.S.

  6. Let’s get the names of those in the plane and home and start connecting the dots.

  7. Damn must have been that Olympic chick to be able to f**** jumped out of a window onto a ladder with a dog, definitely a 9.8


  9. Strange indeed…my condolences to the family stay woke people

  10. When I was little, I always got scared when I heard loud planes passing by, because I thought they would crash into our house. It's just so crazy how that can actually happen.

  11. Weird how many Cessna keep crashing this year.

  12. We need to outlaw planes immediately.
    Stronger background checks is needed

  13. Stop fucking with these small planes if u dont maintenance them daily u gunna meet your maker

  14. A “Cessna” What? What model?

  15. These recreational plane flights need to be banned

  16. My prayers are with people who were involved in the crash All the way from Australia..

  17. wonder if all state covers this?

  18. Imagine sitting in your house just watching Netflix and then a plane is halfway in your lounge. Wtf

  19. I gave this a thumbs down because the sign at the beginning of the video indicates Oswego, but the reporter said Poughkeepsie. Oswego and Poughkeepsie are nowhere near each other, so, uh, where did it happen?
    (Later) Ok, I looked it up. The plane was headed for LaGrangeville and crashed in Union Vale, about 8 miles west of Poughkeepsie. The people in that house were very unlucky – it's not easy to hit a house in such a thinly built-up area.

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