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2019 National Champions LSU Tigers visit the White House | USA TODAY

President Donald Trump welcomes the 2019 College Football National Champions LSU Tigers to the White House.

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The LSU Tigers finished 15-0, only the second team in major college football history to reach that mark. They beat a Clemson team that had won 29 consecutive games. They even defeated seven teams this year ranked in the national Top 10, a record for major college football.

In their final six games, they won every game by at least 17 points, including their final three most important of all: the Southeastern Conference championship game against Georgia, the College Football Playoff semifinal against Oklahoma and the championship against Clemson.

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  1. I actually think Trump is alot cooler than the media portrays him. He actually came off as a sane, rational person today.

  2. Thought you all didn't want politics in sports. We knew that was a lie the whole time

  3. Trump landslide in November.Look how people are smartening up.

  4. Talking about trade and the stock market when a championship team is at the people's house wow!!!

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  6. TRUMP PENCE-PRISON 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸

  7. What a way to mass up Coach O’s name! Go Tigahs!

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