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2020 Democratic debate: highlights from Houston, Texas | USA TODAY

The ten Democratic front-runners faced off in Houston, Texas for the third DNC debate.
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Health care dominated the topics, and front-runner Joe Biden took hits-including some low blows-from the other nine candidates on stage.

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  1. I just wanted to hear andrew yang speak and not get cut off from all the cringe, hes the ONLY candidate with actual solutions. YANGGANG

  2. Wolves hungry for power. The Lion King is coming on 2020

  3. Didn't feature one single word coming out of the close third place frontrunner's mouth, even though you took the time to invoke his name to show one of his opponents taking a jab at him, you mention he returned fire, then didn't show what he said. Then you also failed to show the things Biden said that have drawn so much criticism against him since. You also didn't feature a word the second place front-runner said other than her praise for Obama that they all gave. Biased much?

  4. when liberal pundits say things like, "whos going to pick your fruit?" what they really mean to say is, "whos going to pick your fruit for 4 dollars an hour?"

  5. I’m waiting to see who Trumps gonna wreck 2020


  7. What country are they debating for? NO FLAGS!

  8. Lol hell yes we’re going to take your AR15s.

    This man has stock in some rifle or ammo manufacturing company. 😂😂😂😂

  9. Everyone there is a moron starting with VP Biden.

  10. lol what a clown show…..love this. Zero character, zero substance. lol i am loving it.

  11. can biden drop the obama shroud? he looks and sounds older than his age. Wow

  12. After Trump finished watching this debate, he went to sleep happily and peacefully knowing he will be sleeping in the White House for another six years.

  13. They doin yang dirty. Shits fucked up

  14. North Korea has stolen MILLIONS from the world. They hacked accounts.

  15. Trump 2020 the democrats are gonna be no longer..

  16. Barrrack Obama. The one who created the racial divide. They look to him? Damn that's weak. The left is a path to oblivion. You will lose your freedom, you will be backed into a corner, you will lose your freedom along with all of your rights. If you haven't followed the democratic trail of crumbs to the end, then you don't realize citizens will be enslaved to their socialist/communist masters. Resist now, or open rebellion against these traitorous fucks in 18 months. NOW will entail the least damage. 18 months from now the commies will be placing people in camps, "For the benefit of the country".

  17. Man its embarrasing and cringey seeing "Obummer" every few comments.

  18. Kamala's attacks on Trump were weak ASF…. she needs to get off the xanax

  19. These people are praising Odumbo….???? And believe pie in the sky fantasy.

  20. They should be embarrassed !! but sadly are not with this circus!! a bunch of CLOWNS!!! WHAT A WASTE OF TIME !!

  21. Like Tim Ryan said, Biden is a good guy and very experienced. But he seems to be declining. Maybe we oughta find out for sure — while there is still time — and perhaps start looking elsewhere. But where? Sanders and Warren are far from the mainstream.

  22. funnier than SNL and the office combined

  23. IDK why but, AN AR-15 IS ONE OF THE DUMBEST ASSAULT RIFLES EVER! Jesus Christ do they not check out military training. Jesus the gun can barely kill 2-3 people in one round. Stop blaming the gun, AND BLAME THE PEOPLE!

  24. These Democrats are ASSHoles….God Bless TRUMP

  25. Gotta say all these people and the toupee on the big chair all look like clowns. Guess we gotta hope for next election.

  26. A donkey represents the Democratic Party perfect, hardheaded jackasses

  27. I really want Amy Cloudbootjar to go away. The Hillary effect.

  28. Ahh looking forward to drinking liberal tears once again in 2020

  29. The d.n.c. hurt themselves with the way they treated Tulsi Gabbard. They will never win.

  30. Wow. How creepy is Biden !

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