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2021 Golden Globes highlights l ABC News

The hosts of the Golden Globes and other celebrities call out the Hollywood Foreign Press Association over the lack of diversity.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Time to buy the book, Hollywood Propaganda, by Mark Dice. Groups campaign for this intersectional tripe.

  2. Hollywood hates ordinary people.. people needs to boycott everything of Hollywood..

  3. celebrity culture is dying hahahahaha

  4. Viewers are tuning out these woke entertainment bore-fests. No one cares how many people of color or people without color contributed. The final result is all we care about. Hollywood has become non-essential.

  5. just give the blacks All the mf'n awards and stfu about it!….jeez.😏

  6. Commenting just proves you care about this stuff also. Even if you're attempting to drop a diss. Lol

  7. In five years it’s gonna be the golden blacks

  8. It's a celebrity circle jerk. No one wants to see that.

  9. I could not watch this woke grandstanding trash. Last year was awesome with Ricky Jervais. I new this year would be nothing be empty hollow virtual signaling for evey award speech. This is get woke go broke. The lossers you caterer too don't watch, the people who would watch, don't like woke crap. When will THEY learn that the woke crowd is small and doesn't buy, pay or consume all these products your attending to sell. One day you will learn to stop this woke crap, make money, and ignore the Twitter hate mod like everyone else does. Get woke go broke is real. Your all hypocritical idiots who hate making money and rather virtual single and loose money. Morons #BoycottStarWars #CancelDisneyPlus #firekathleenkennedy #notmystarwars #WeLoveGinaCarano #WeLoveCaraDune


  11. “Big moments” did you say that without laughing?


  13. How did they even find anyone who watched this? These actors are Nauseating self-agrandizing idiots. Funny progressives not being progressive where race is involved, not surprising.


  15. So if Black people don't win everything, it's Racist? Just checking.

  16. What is with that guys mouth? I kept waiting for an alien to fold back his face & rush the camera 👽

  17. A roomful of smug out of touch elitists. No Thanks.

  18. I didn't watch it. Celebrities: "The end."

  19. Sorry, too much black glorification.

  20. A large percent was watching…ya watching Netflix or some other streaming service….such woke political bullshit🤢🤮 I was hoping to see Ricky Gervais part 2, alas Hollywood has become a whinny, woke version of its former glory days

  21. ABC, please don’t mislead viewers with b.s. headlines on your feed – it’ comes off as pandering. These weren’t “Highlights.”
    Yes, inclsion is a valid, necessary point to be made, so try: “Globes emphasizes need for inclusion.”
    No wonder the Left takes a beating by racists in the GOP; you tee them up.

  22. Biden DID NOT WIN.
    Antifa caused the violence
    at The Capitol on 1-6-21.
    COVID is a SCAM.

    Will Punish The Traitors.

  23. Ricky Gervais wasn't the host. Borrrriiiinnnnnggg…

  24. So I am hispanic, so I will ask for Hispanics too? Enough with racism from blacks

  25. To be fair, Borat is an Israeli journalist.

  26. ABC watchers here is something just for you. If you die today will you go to heaven? Have you ever lied, stolen, hated, used God's name as a curse word (O-M-G)? According to God's law, you're guilty, your headed for hell, ignorance will not be an excuse… But wait, God loves you, he made a way out for you, God's son Jesus died paying for your sin. God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whoever believes in him will not die but have everlasting life. John 3:16

    God is warning the world.
    End Time prophesies are jumping off the pages of the Bible, satan is ruling with his plagues, violence, idol worship, scoffers, and government control…
    The earth is experiencing birth pains like never before, earthquakes, fires, floods. People now are lovers of themselves, money, lovers of pleasure rather than God, we see sexual immorality running rampant like adultery, fornication, homosexuality, sexual abuse rape… the ultimate in child abuse mommies killing their babies in selfish child sacrifice (abortion), and religious persecution against Christians only (they will hate you because of me, Jesus (Matthew 10:22).
    The world leaders are prepping for a,"One-World order," a "Great Reset," (please don’t take a number on your forehead or right hand, read Revelation a number means no heaven, and there's only one alternative, eternity in darkness, suffering in a lake of fire)
    Soon the believers in Christ/Christians will be taken up, away with God, the world will be in turmoil, then the antichrist will come and fix everything, everyone will love him, he will deceive many with his worldwide lies… then the tribulation will start, you will be forced to worship the beast and take his number. Life on earth will be horrific.
    Today if you hear God whispering to your heart please respond before it's too late. Say a humble prayer, pour your heart out to God, receive Jesus as your savior, believe God raised Jesus from the dead (Romans 10:9), and repent of your sins, you are now saved by grace! Ephesians 4:8-9(NOT BY WORKS)

  27. They always make it about color. It’s about talent. I’m glad I don’t watch these shows anymore

  28. A “large percentage of the population is watching”? Really?

  29. Omg, crying over nothing, why are their awards for entertainment people, their award is their pay like everyone else, they're so pretentious

  30. 3/1/21. Roseanne Barr is anti-Semitic—“No one knows about the Bible, least of all the Jews” 5:31. From The Mel K Show. Unbelievable!!!

  31. Click bait with no actual highlights.

  32. Soo are we not going to talk about that dudes face? wtf is with his zoom-settings?

  33. Let the anti African American, LGBTQ comments start rolling, because people cant see their privileged white actors not get roles instead of minorities who deserve it as much if not more

  34. After watching Trump at CPAC I’ll take his America First over Biden’s Dark Winter anytime!!!!!!

  35. Rich elites preaching, and patting themselves on the back… no thx.

  36. Abc is just as racist as the nazis.

  37. Nobody cares about theirs. We are building our own platform where we will allow diversity of all people regardless of their colors

  38. Higlights of a nazi-like shitshow of communist ideology and anti white racism.

  39. Does anyone even watch Award Shows anymore?

  40. Golden what ? America no longer cares about elite Hollywood cancel culturists

  41. It was the definition of virtue signaling.

  42. Let me guess, they all cried because not enough black gay people won awards?😭😭

  43. Another Illegitimate Fraudulent Fiasco

  44. Ayooo I’m literally the first one I’m a huge fan

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