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30 hurt, 2 killed and worker missing after New Orleans hotel collapse

More than 100 construction workers were inside the hotel when it fell and the structure is unstable and dangerous, complicating rescue efforts, officials said.



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  3. Is this real or is this from something else and y’all are fake newsing it ? ABC is as fake as cnn

  4. superbowl riddle for the saints!

  5. How do you fuck up THIS bad?

  6. Fuh nampak real,filem kingkong ke kongking ni?

  7. 😲Who the contractor who used cheep stuff ❌😲

  8. I surprised that abc news didn't title this footage as the kurds getting attacked because of Trump.

  9. The cause? Shitty work or cutting corners like China

  10. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😃🤣😃😃😃😃🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 🤣🤣

  11. Someone cursed that land a long time ago.

  12. Due to the trade war, they used American steel and materials instead of Chinese. This is what happens.

  13. GET MY MONEY!!! We need to bring that back when asked to be stupid, by stupid!

  14. So someone was taping at that random moment that happen to catch that?

  15. It's called "thermal imaging" people, use it and find this man

  16. The families of those who died, greatly appreciate all of the Drumpf/GOP deregulation, bet they'll vote for all of them again next year.

  17. it's amazing there weren't more deaths

  18. Why are people liking this video??

  19. That’s why wicked was cancelled! Omg! So sorry for all the folks and bless the families of those 3 men!


    An ordinary density report is not even required; once anyone with half a brain, stop to remember NEW ORLEANS LAST MAYOR; DELIBERATELY elected to move NEW ORLEAN'S dayuum TO ENHANCE TOURIST PERVERSIONS COMMERCE — without 1st plan to drain said daM-YOU-dum first — DELIBERATELY causing "KATRINA FLOOD victims" — claiming inner city drug cartel crime (still prevalent multiplied with oxycodone/heroin & meth junkies being considered precious since all white strung out dope fiends hold public office, though I digress) main reason enough to "flood"/clean out "low income natural" life residents in established REDLINING DISTRICTS ONLY! That recently River/Ocean/Lake/DAM soaked thoroughway stream; can't possibly be strong enough to support nara, concrete steel sky scraper high rise tower — with underground city tunnels — every which way! This is intentional premeditated gross negligent incompetence at it's greediest high treason greed; lighting both ends of that crack pipe, during "a major National oil crisis deficit"????
    Whose paying for new commercial tourist towers to be erected on swamp sand acting SHOCKED concrete dead weight simply crumble & fall down in broad gravity daylight and with which nation's currency? Where is all this money being printed from and how duress is communistic republic philapino korean somoan japanese vietnamess China acquisitioning "equity free real estate" at zero security exchange currency deposit — yet REAL ESTATE DEEDS being issued throughout North Africa's CONTINENT & "tax free" CHINA TOWN criminal "refugees" BUILDING CURRENTLY anywhere outside Washington D.C. DAMAGING NORTH AMERICAN SIOUX NATURAL SOIL, FURTHER violating yet ANOTHER PEACE PIPE TREATY???
    Who is gonna pay for clean up; accelerate DEPORTATION and isn't that CONCRETE wall suppose to be built BETWEEN Foreign borders — keeping ALL USE EVIL — fork tongue pail faces, out?
    Mr. Architect unlicensed Engineer, how do use EVEN spell? USE GOT A LOTTA explaining to due process #45~

  21. New Orleans can't build anything 🤣

  22. My condolences to the family. Tragic 😞

  23. Omg wow. I bet ppl were thinking it was terrorism. Its crazy and those that were there are n my prayers.

  24. one hell of a law suit for the owners, construction company and engineering firm.

  25. Shortcuts. Structural engineering is a proven science. Someone wanted to save money.

  26. Not to mean but it looks like they were tearing it down anyway.

  27. That's greed, the contractor cheat on building material!

  28. Cheap labor, liberals love it.

  29. Even if i was getting lunch at the time idc my back mothafuckin hurts lawyer up

  30. Whoever was building that house of cards needs to be sued out of business and every other building they constructed investigated. Since when so we allow this kind of shoddy
    construction anywhere in this nation? How could thins flap jack hotel have passed inspection regulations?

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