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30 Years Searching l 20/20 l PART 3


Law enforcement went door to door and employed a helicopter, blood hounds and expert trackers to find the vanished student. The sweatpants were sent to a lab for analysis.

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  1. it was the brother! obviously

  2. When are they going to have a 20/20 about the brothers murder on a military base? 17 bullet wounds doesn't sound like a mistake

  3. Apache Indians were the best trackers ever

  4. Did she have to say the sheriffs' posse!! Rubbed me wrong I guess!💔

  5. That poor dog probably turned to drinking or drugs later.

  6. I'm no expert, but I think asking the dog questions is not going to work. Maybe try a different tact.

  7. Probably the best looking girl in her High school.

  8. No mention of the damn cup from part 1. Still no mention of the cup. This is the WORST report of any murder Ive seen on youtube.Thumbs down. I hope another channel has done this correctly.

  9. The detectives are dumb af, how do you not ask the neighbors for DNA? Literally the closest people

  10. I watched the first 2 hours ago. Couldn’t find the third at that time.

  11. Not trying to be mean but hate when people say how could this happen here … Sickos live everywhere

  12. I hope you have All the parts bc I am still waiting for the rest of " The Affair prt 4"" I don't know why you don't put it all together

  13. The great effort this small community shows in being involve to solving this case.

  14. Finally a complete parts😉👏👍👍👍

  15. If only the dog could talk!!!

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