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5 At​-​Home Exercises ​to ​Lose Belly Fat (CRAZY FAST)

These are 5 At-Home Exercises that will help you burn belly fat and overall body fat faster without going to the gym. You’ll notice weight loss results in just a week when combining this fat loss workout with a well balanced diet plan.

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#1 Combination of burpees finished off with mountain climbers 2:01
#2 The Dive bomber with two sit throughs 3:25
#3 High knees and a sprawl 4:53
#4 Step-up 5:44
#5 Lateral lunges with a squat jump 6:58

Many of you want to lose some weight, and you would especially like to lose some of that weight that you’re carrying around your midsection. Now if your goal is to find the best exercises to help you lose that belly fat once & for all, but you don’t really have access to a gym or any equipment then this video is one that you definitely don’t want to miss, because today I’m going over the best exercises to help you burn more fat & lose more weight right in your own home. Let me just first start with the painful truth that most other videos on belly fat won’t even talk about. And that’s the myth of spot reduction. We can’t only reduce fat from our bellies without also reducing fat from other sections of our body. So if we can get your body into a state in which it’s burning fat for fuel that means your body will be burning some fat from your thighs, some fat from your love handles, some fat from your face & hands, and some fat from your belly as well. This is the only way & the fastest way to reduce belly fat, by putting ourselves into a state in which our body is burning more overall fat for fuel, and as we lose fat from our whole body we will also lose it from our midsection. So the question becomes how do we put our body into a fat burning state & the best way to do that is to create a larger caloric deficit. And the truth is that exercises like crunches, situps, & leg raises not only do they not target belly fat, again because spot reduction is a myth, but exercises like these also don’t use very large muscles & don’t involve multiple joints so they don’t burn that many overall calories. The only true way to create a larger caloric deficit with exercise is by increasing the calories burnt from each of the exercises we perform as well as each of our overall workouts. This is why I want to give you 5 at home exercises that will burn the most calories in the least amount of time. At the end of the video i’ll explain how you can combine these exercises into a high intensity interval training circuit to create a very effective at home workout to help you lose weight & burn faster. Let’s start with the very first one which is A combination of a burpee finished off with mountain climbers. Burpees are by far one of the best exercises that you can do with no equipment to burn a lot of calories. This is because of 2 main reasons. 1 burpees will work a lot of muscle groups & multiple joints at the same time. You’re essentially going to work your whole body. The second reason burpees burns so many calories is because a lot of these muscles being worked are large. Larger muscles will burn more calories then smaller ones & incorporating more muscles into one movement will burn even more calories. To perform this exercise start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, bend your knees & your back as you lower your hands to the floor. Place your hands to the outside of your feet & jump your feet out into a push-up position. If you can’t hop out into a push-up position walk your feet out one at a time. Once in the push-up position lower yourself to the ground & push back up. Next you’re going to slightly raise your hips & perform four mountain climbers by bringing your knee into your chest & tapping your foot on the ground alternating legs with each rep. Once you do for you stand up & jump straight up with your hands over your head. Then repeat from the beginning. You’ll immediately feel how taxing this exercise is on your body because after you do just a few reps you’ll notice that you’re breathing pretty heavy. Next we have the dive bomber with two sit throughs. Dive bombers are excellent at working your upper body especially the chest shoulders & triceps & sit throughs are great at making you breath nice & heavy. You want to start this exercise in a downward dog position which looks like you’re in a push-up position except with your hips really high up towards the ceiling. From this position you want to lower yourself to the ground for what looks like an inclined push-up. As you near the of the movement & your chest comes closer to the ground you want to drop your hips to the ground & press your upper body up so you wind up in…


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    Just finished .. try it guys … You really feel it in your things and shoulders ..
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