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5 Boot Styles Every Girl Should Own! Here are the most versatile boots you should have in your wardrobe for Autumn / Winter!

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AUTUMN WINTER 2017 LOOKBOOK : http://bit.ly/2xgPGZT

GIFT GUIDE FOR HER – http://bit.ly/2jbq4vF

GIFT GUIDE FOR HIM – http://bit.ly/2AnCkkf


HOW TO STYLE OVER KNEE BOOTS – https://youtu.be/ypXCbE6h4hA

❤ What I Wore ❤
Pink Jumper – http://bit.ly/2ji2Q6B
Earrings – http://bit.ly/2BhyV32
Watch – http://bit.ly/2AaHfDQ

Pointed Toe
Burgundy – http://bit.ly/2zneYJC
Black – http://bit.ly/2ylw3ni

Ankle Boots
Black with Buckle – http://bit.ly/2irS7GG
Tan Leather – http://bit.ly/2k2B4sI
Burgundy with Gold Buttons – http://bit.ly/2ir4vGF

Practical Boots
Russell & Bromley Tie Up – http://www.russellandbromley.co.uk/
TOMS – https://bit.ly/2zIIYO2

Over Knee Boots
Grey Karen Millen – http://bit.ly/2zLpURU
River Island Grey – http://bit.ly/2zOawV5

Boho Boots
Chloe Susannah – http://bit.ly/2kBOATx
Topshop Dupes – http://bit.ly/2A1IYeT
Deichmann –



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  1. Thanks for sharing. Can you make a video about spring/summer shoes essentials every woman should have? I know it’s the winter but I think it can become a must video! 🙂

  2. Where did you get your earrings?

  3. Poor animals.
    No need sacrifice animals life just so we can viisually admire a persons suede or leather clothing or boots.
    Innocent helpless animals suffer ….for visual.

  4. Where oh Where did you get your BEAUTIFUL SWEATER ???

  5. Hello! I have been watching your videos and I just absolutely love them! My style is conservative with a twist which I am finding that clean classic look with the twist in your videos. I am so happy I found you. I am hopeful you will read my post. I am 57 years of age and do my best to dress stylish. Believe it or not, as a result of your recommendation, I take a picture of myself every morning as I am leaving the house so that I know what my fashion looks like for the day plus gives me an opportunity to work on my selfie poses. I am just like everybody else with lots going on in life but I know I can stop the world to get some great fashion tips from you! Keep up the great work and all the best!

  6. Just subscribed. Thanks 4 sharing. Greetings from goa.

  7. you look very beautiful and elegant in this hair style. And sexy in the same time too. 😍😍

  8. Love love your boots!!! So many different styles, but yet so versatile. Love the colors!! Thank you for sharing.

  9. glad I found your videos your voice is so smooth enjoy watching.😊🤗

  10. Very cute! Love your style it's so chic! I just started YouTube and started with an affordable winter style video and some amazing bits I got in the sale, check it out and let me know what you think. I'll be sharing another one tonight 😀 xx

  11. Fahson mumblr ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  12. I thought you were showing us 5 pairs of boots, I counted 10. And I bet you've got loads more. I think YouTubeers are so materialistic. And like to brag about what they have.

  13. I would love to buy the Topshop Chloe Susanna dupe but am having trouble figuring out the sizing. I'm a U.S. size 9. Do I go for the 39 or 40? Any advice?

  14. How many pair of boots should a girl own???!!! Lol

  15. BooooooooooRING ! like how stupid you think people are ;-))) omg haha

  16. I purchased the top shop boho chloe dupes and I love them! So comfy and get compliments when I wear them

  17. Is there an engagement ring in your future?

  18. Hi! Do you know the style name of the Russell & Bromley boot? I can't seem to find them online and I love those! Congrats on your engagement too!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  19. Which shade of lipstick are you wearing? It's so beautiful. Please let me know! ♥

  20. I just picked up the same Susanna's and would love to see the way you style them – so beautiful!

  21. I like all the styles♥️♥️ you are so sweet person😗😗

  22. I love the tan boots❤ and the over knee boots

  23. Love all your boot picks! 🙂

  24. Very important information about what Boots to aquire thank you !!*********

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