Wednesday , December 2 2020
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We often want to see drastic improvements in our skin through skincare products. But a healthy, glowing skin barrier is really the result of small, daily habits. All of the 5 habits that I talk about today are simple but fundamental to reducing damage and keeping your skin healthy and youthful.

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Morning Skincare Routine
And I’m back Q&A!
What My Korean Kids Eat
The 3 Things I Never Buy
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Hi, my name is Serina Hwang and I’m a TV host based in Seoul, Korea and a mom to my adorable troublemakers Damien and Madeline. My YouTube channel is my outlet to inspire others along my journey to be the best version of myself. My channel focuses on health, parenting, and all aspects of self-growth. I hope that you can find some inspiration through my lens.

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  1. New subscriber! Loved this video

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  5. Serina you always look so gorgeous, elegant, and so perfect in all your videos. You inspire me so much in every video. I love all your tips and I know that they are working just by seeing how you are in all your videos. I just bought 2 super food powder and can’t wait to try your healthy smoothy recipe. Thank you so much!!😊

  6. you had children??? omg! you look so very very young i thought youre only 18 to 19 yrs. old.

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    You should write a book with all your wonderful tips lol

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