Thursday , January 20 2022
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5 Ways to Kickstart Your Day! Morning Routine Hacks | Fashion Mumblr

5 Ways to Kickstart Your Day! Here are my morning routine hacks to ensure you have The BEST start to the day, seriously try them!

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  1. Plan to try some (or all) of these first thing Monday morning! Thanks Josie! #fashionmumblr #fashionmumblrbeautygiveaway

  2. "Endorphins make you happy! And happy people don't kill their husbands. They just don't." That's the only reason I remember that! Love it.

  3. I love all of your videos, especially the ones about pamper and mindfulness! This video too is so gold!

  4. Love this video so much. Think it is one of my favourites. Looking forward to the one on The Secret also. <3 xx

  5. I love meditating but I only ever do it once I've reached a stressful point, I should really add it into my routine daily! lovely video Josie xx

  6. nice video! i have never been a morning person but now it changes a bit. i'm much more productive in the morning. and i loooove to do lists. it's such a good feeling when you cross out…. 😉 which thermomix-speed do you use and how long? xx

  7. This is so very helpful!
    Thank you very much ((:

  8. just subscribed and really love your channel!

  9. Oh man, I used to be such a morning person but because my partner is a night owl we are now both a bit screwed 🙁 Your video has motivated me though, so hopefully will put some of your advice to work. Starting with pet hugging <3

  10. Such beautiful morning video. You do seem like a morning person, those are happier people in general. 🙂

  11. I really need to try the mediation tip. I think that would make a difference. I definitely make sure to eat breakfast, so important. And exercise is hard (Arizona is too hot to walk anywhere right now lol!) but I try to remember to do things like squats or calf raises while I brush my teeth or while I wait for the kettle to boil making my coffee. I definitely need to create a better morning routine, I have fibromyalgia so mornings are especially tough, it's hard to wake up and there's usually lingering pain from the day before. Going to set a reminder to try meditating tomorrow. 🙂 Great tips Josie!

  12. I'm a morning person to and enjoy checking "my to do's" off my list asap! That way having a nice relaxing afternoon is rewarding.

  13. Great tips! I really needed these, because I'm not a morning person. You deserve so much more subscribers. <3

  14. love this video and you!!! <3 this would be really helpful for back to school

  15. Good morning from the US!  I really loved this video. I was just telling my husband last night that I needed to get more energized/motivated.  I am usually good but this summer I got out of my routine.  Perfect timing with this video!

  16. ohh I love this kind of video!!! maybe you can make a '5 habits to live a happy life' or '5 ways to always be motivated' kind of video next time 😀 have a great time, Josie!

  17. Will you do a video on the Secret? I read it a few years ago and it honestly changed my life! It just leaves me absolutely speechless.. I'm so glad you read it 😀

  18. Your video is so helpfull, but i think i'm not a morning person, i hate mornings, i always wake up grumpy! ahahahah Love your videos, keep the good work. kiss from Portugal <3

  19. Great video Josie. Definitely going to try some of these before work tomorrow.

  20. That smoothie bowl looks incredible I must try it!! x

  21. Love this video Josie!! What lipstick are you wearing, absolutely love the colour!! Xxxx

  22. thank you for uploading this beautiful video on my birthday!!!! xxxx love you!

  23. Love these tips! Your videos are always just right!! I might have to check out the Leaf app. Do you have any tips on being productive? I always seem to take too long on things and sure I could take less time in the morning to get ready!

  24. I love that you are so diligent, positive and motivated. It's a very inspiring attitude.
    Lots of love from germany xx

  25. Your beautiful! So inspiring! 😌 can you please do a more in depth video about the secret please? X

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