Thursday , January 20 2022
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50 Facts About Me! | Fashion Mumblr

So I decided to give the good old 50 Facts About Me YouTube Tag a whirl! Enjoy!

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Watch Hannah’s 39 Facts About Me!

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  1. I too despise fizzy drinks and got an A in textiles!

  2. Labas.Visos uzimtos panos nejaucia priklausomybes draugui ar vyrui.Galvokit kaip norit.Man reiketu pagiventi jusu salije kad mokeciau taip gyventi.Dabar paziuriu video atrodo viskas gerai.Isjungiu telefona pasidarbuoju vel griztu i savo senesne padeti.Puiku kad moki groti su tokiu muzikiniu instrumentu.Esi grazi pana❤👍🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🎄🎁

  3. DO NOT EVER be anything but proud of the fact you are an intelligent, funny, hard-working, sweet woman!

  4. I would be proud of those accomplishments too. One thing I've learned about receiving a compliment is all you do is say, thank you. If you find something pretty about the person giving it, return a compliment. Otherwise, just say, thank you. With all those accomplishments, let's fix one that you may not be aware of: The word "these" is plural. Never use "ones" after this word unless the number you're referring to is two or more. Example: These two coats, I love, never these ones I love. Otherwise, your English is pretty spot on.

  5. Never feel less than magnificent. You are. I don't know what you do for a living but you look like a classy model as does Charlie. Be proud of YOU….and Dexter and Charlie………..your videos are a great inspiration for all ages…

  6. You are officially my role model. I've never had one but you are awesome. I love you. P. S we have similar taste

  7. Nude lipsticks suits you offense

  8. Hi Josie what a great video, I truly enjoy it. I am also old enough to be your aunt or mother but nevertheless I look forward to your videos. You are so down to earth.

  9. I am old enough to be your mother, and I envy her. I wish you were my daughter, I think you are so adorable, and I love your videos.

  10. I have ur same weird phobia of unmoving escalator 😊😅

  11. I have a corgi-sausage dog mix and his name is Mac but I also (mostly) call him Roni in a weird voice! 💕

  12. OMG Neopets, now there is a throw back, it as amazing and all the little games on there were so good! x

  13. Please post a video of your Mac & Cheese recipe.. Fellow lover 🧀🍽

  14. Great vid, check out mine – how to get started in London's fashion media industry – just uploaded it! x

  15. Hey! I really enjoyed your video 😆 I was just wondering if you could maybe check my channel out and give me a sub? I'll sub back. I know how hard it is starting out on YouTube. X

  16. Totally agree with the compliments thing! I always play down my achievements by either saying they aren't that great, or following it with a negative comment about myself! Loved this and I may film my own later today (if I can think of 50 relatively interesting facts) xxx

  17. Claps for you passing your test in heels and this video was so funny, I also went to Busted as my first gig! Hopefully see you soon lovely 🙂

    Lauren x

  18. Great video! I know what you mean about having to brush your achievements under the carpet (must be a British society thing) but glad you shared your 50 facts….dare I do mine :-/ xo

  19. It was u who inspired me to aim to study textile design in university! Ur blog post about careers in the fashion business really helped! Thank you💜

  20. I LOVED LOVED LOVED NEOPETS and I joined so many Harry Potter themed guilds haha

  21. You are amazing💕 role model 🙈😉

  22. I absolutely loved this Josie! I actually just filmed a 25 Facts about me because I love watching them so much myself! I always think it's so good to get some quirky insights into your personality through videos like this! x

  23. What a fun video. The biggest surprise was the digderidoo 🙂
    Besos from Barcelona,

  24. You are actually really really cool and unique! DANG!! 50 facts!? THAT'S A LOT!! Did you think of them as you filmed or did you have them planned out ahead of time? I might do this soon! It seems fun!! BTW, where are you from? (If you don't mind me asking of course :p ha ha)

  25. Hahaha – I have the same thing with escalators! I hold onto the handrail for dear life! & yes, was a huge neopets fan too (I think we are of a similar age!).

  26. Loved this video. You're such an amazing person

  27. loving the coldplay vibes in the background

  28. Love your little disclaimer at the start – so true! I got an A* in biology at A level because I worked so hard for it and I don't think people should feel embarrassed about sharing their achievements! Congrats on yours btw 🙂

  29. Neopets was really addictive. The daily tombola was my favourite part 🙂 love these videos

  30. I used to collect Sabrina Secrets too, never missed an issue, loved filling up that big purple box! I think that's where my makeup obsession started haha. Really enjoyed this video, I think I might film one too! 🙂 x

  31. Love you! This was so interesting! Please comment it will mean a lot! xxx

  32. You are simply the sweetest person on this planet!! xxx

  33. these facts made me like you more 😊 and never think of apologizing for your straight As cause girl you're a genius 😜 💗
    (also non moving escalators whats up with that??)

  34. Hey we have the same lamp! Homebase? Xx

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