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51 large wildfires burning in the West, forcing evacuations

On the East Coast, severe storms tore through the New York City area, toppling trees and knocking out power to thousands.


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  1. Well it's almost the end of the world

  2. God hates the USA – like the rest of the world

  3. Bosonaro is a Trump, both are stripping away Regulations , Polution, Toxins in Water Land and Air that will Destroy the World. Extreme right Capitalism has Failed us. Now for Capitalism balanced with Social Programs to bring up the Middle Class/ Lower Income Citizens!!!


  5. How about the Amazon you silly goose? That's why I don't get my news from traditional media.

  6. What the he'll people are doing near the water when lightning is around!? Did they learn anything during their life?! Whatever!!

  7. We have the solution! Proven fire detection at over 99% precision.  Why wait days to detect a fire, when it can be done within 4 minutes?  https://vimeo.com/338898266

  8. All I got to say is Dat God is coming

  9. The planet is constantly burning and storming everywhere

  10. Tell people that the Amazon has lava under it causing boiling streams, tell the truth morons

  11. Thank you ABC news Sillia and Rob thank you for the weather alert be safe

  12. Very sad and hope to hurry up to end that fire already 😥

  13. Please clear the dry brush! Please maintain your forest!

  14. Oh but fuck the amazon once it’s hits the Americans y’all want to worry (no I’m not from the south ) theses storms are cause of global warming

  15. Hey this is how the movie 2012 started. Anyone have 1 billion dollars?

  16. Yeah, let’s forget the Amazon bois

  17. As long as it doesn't affect the game…

  18. Swimming and getting hit by lighting. Talk about bad luck

  19. 2:18 anyone else quickly move onto another video when this happens?

  20. When will the people realize if you live in the wilderness in the fire area build up your own fire protection get your own pump someplace your own masters and learn how to put out your own fires year going to need it in the future

  21. The End of Western Countries is so easy, isn’t it? God is attacked on daily basis, yet not able to quench this fire and aggressions are upon innocent people of God increasing, have a little taste of disorders the west afflict upon others where westerners like to WIN, innit?

  22. God needs to flood the earth again sadly

  23. The "new normal". It's like ball soiled bloomers, I mean fishy. And why is the Greek always so annoying? Is it on purpose?

  24. The first trumpet has been sounded when the second trumpet sounds a third of sea creatures will die.

  25. People are too dramatic, trying so say its a cover up, it's really just wildfires and that's that

  26. I often wonder about preppers, what exactly are you prepping for? After watching Siberia and Brazil burn, and now the U.S. again, and of course, the antics of Unindicted Co-conspirator, are we going to WANT to see the end of this ride?

  27. I need a work visa if anyone can help me, so please help me 😔

  28. Burn baby burn! Burn them liberals out of house and home!

  29. The Whole world needs to just end for the better, starting with usa

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