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  1. Amazing things and cool video

  2. Next invention in the near future they will build robot for those who can't afford love. Robolove for single person in the world who needs unconditional love….

  3. By no means am putting down your video or the amazing inventions your showing.I enjoyed it. And there's no doubt Humans are extremely intelligent and creative. But we are also extremely stupid and naive. One of the big reasons the oceans need cleaning up and the planet needs saving is because we keep buying so many things that don't have a practical use. If we only had or used what need to survive, then there wouldn't be such a pollution problem. But I'm just as guilty as the rest of you. I'm by no means a planet saver myself. Heck, I'm wasting elec just by watching these videos and i'm typing on a plastic keyboard. Were all doomed by the toys we all love so much. The earth will survive and rebound just fine. We just may not be around to see it. We may have brought chemicals and compounds together to create all of these dangerous things, But all of those compounds and chemicals are already from the earth in one way or another. And it may take millions of years, they will break down into those original compounds again. And there's no way reverse it it this point. Slow it down,Maybe. But the damage is already done. There's already enough micro plastics and toxic waste alone floating around this planet to kill us all many times over. And you cant remove that from the food we eat or the other billions of plants,animals,fish and other organisms that are exposed to it everyday. That's just 2 examples of thousands that are here to stay. Until time and the earth turn them back into usable safe compounds. We have even polluted space. Sorry to sound like such a debbie downer. I just hope more people start seeing that everything you touch in this world has a butterfly effect on our planet. But most will never take the time to put all the dots together and see the truth for what is. We re nothing more than a cancer to this planet. I tip my hat to those in this world that live the way we did 10,000 years ago,And have never relied on any modern technologies. They are the true heros of our world. To bad they will still suffer because of our lust to have more stuff we don't need. To me, going outside and looking around in the woods is far more entertaining than any show on TV or what being said or posted to social media. My kids didn't understand that until I started to show them that there are millions of other things going on in the dirt and in the trees and the moss or in the streams that most would never stop to look at. I'm glad they had the opportunity to learn it and become interested and aware of it. But they still also enjoy their phones and video games and tv shows. But I guess they would be seen as outcasts to their friends if they didn't use those things. See the other problem with all of us? I don't have enough time to explain that one. But i'm sure you all know what i mean. I think it's called social stigma. I think more people should think about things like this instead of calling each other racist or being racist or fighting over religions ect. Maybe then they would realize that none of us is any better than the other.

  4. The Hexa Drone could use lightweight solar panels to enable longer flight time.
    The other clips are interesting as well.

  5. Can you do another video of inventions that are saving the world?

  6. Can you tell me the cost of that Japanese chair

  7. I use to be a big fan of this channel but now it's just full of ads.

  8. 10 comment .plz show some mercy…

  9. Every like is one amazing thing in his video’s

  10. Make this blue if you love the channel👍👍👍

  11. Tech zone rules Lol 😂 😂 😁😆❤️❤️

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