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  1. You look beautiful in that white blouse!!! 🌸💕

  2. Thank you for encouraging classics and basics. Very very good.

  3. Is it just me but I'm very conscious about repeating outfits especially when I'm in university now and I keep seeing the same people every day… that makes me exhausted just thinking about what to wear every morning…

  4. you got a good point about should wear a lot of the pieces that you invest with the most. I think I'm the same as your friend, only use the premium pieces on special occasions, I decently need to use them more often to make them worth the money spent .

  5. I really loved this video. I definitely keep the best for special occasions, which means I pretty much never wear them and then I end up selling it or donating because it went out of style or I just got tired of it

  6. Wool is so itchy—how do you stand it next to your skin? And how do you keep your foundation off the high collars of your white blouses and light colored coats?

  7. Thank you for doing this video. I am very careful with my clothes, but I tend to hold on to too many tired pieces. I just got Invisalign and I love how my teeth are looking! A tip: When it’s time to switch your Invisalign, put them in before you go to bed. I find it helps in breaking the new ones in

  8. great vid — would love to see you style a good piece multiple ways

  9. Nice video thanks 👍👍👍

  10. Better to not use conditioner when washing wool it will ruin the fibre in the wool

  11. Fix your clothes. I am always taking my clothes to the tailor, to fix a button or the size, so on. You buy less clothes and have more use of your old pieces (or pieces you just bought and need a fix).

  12. I LOVE you for this. Thanks a million :)<3

  13. Great video but interrupted by too many ads. Do you really want your viewers to click off to shop in the middle of your content? It’s frustrating to watch.

  14. I enjoyed this show very much. I recently downloaded a closet app which has about 10,000 pieces preloaded in it. You find the pieces most similar to those you own and load them into your virtual closet. If you own unique pieces, you can download a photo into your app and create tags to sort them. The app includes jackets and sweaters, tops, blouses, pants, skirts dresses and shoes. The app will report the local temperature for that day and create outfits for you every day which you can choose from or create your own and save. It tracks your usage and creates a report for you. I’ve eliminated more than 50 pieces so far from my closet and am enjoying my pieces more. I still have more to go but find it an iterative process. Thank you for posting.

  15. I have to say This is one of my favorite videos ! Rotating my clothing and actually using a favorite piece rather than saving it, are 2 that I'll try! Thanks!

  16. Love your Video.. there is nothing to add.. 🤗❤️

  17. From California as opposed to chilly England: can't wear clothes 5 x here but I wear clean clothes daily.( It's more work but you feel fresher, including daily showers). It's often 75-85 degrees here even in winter sometime so feeling and being fresher is important. Great tip on not using fabric softener because it damages the fibers! Love your videos! Can you list all the colours in your wardrobe, please??? And, any tips colour wise for brunettes? Thank you!

  18. You are so right. I save some of my “precious” pieces for special events and rarely enjoy them. Great reminder.

  19. Can you please list here the high quality fashion brands you just mentioned @ 12:01. I've heard of the brands Reese and Club Monaco, but I'm not familiar of the other brands you mentioned.

  20. I am thrilled that you are goung to take the route of slow fashion ❤️❤️❤️❤️🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻

  21. Love the idea of the video and loved all of the tips! It's so nice to finally see someone who is not encouraging viewers to buy new stuff every week in order to be stylish … I would also suggest that people should go more often to tailor shops, not only to make clothes fit perfectly so you get more use out of them, but also to fix stuff in case something breaks or rips !! It appears to me that so many clothes get thrown away because people choose to buy something new rather than repairing what they got already ! :/

  22. Luv all your posts! Just found you and what fun I’m having watching! Definitely, you are resourceful and witty! Subscribed!

  23. The advice in this video is top notch. One of your best videos! rewatching it now

  24. What bag does she have in the back of the video?

  25. I unfortunately no longer buy wool because of the way sheeps are being treated. What would be a sustainable replacement?

  26. Nice video, but please don't buy angora since it's cruel. I wouldnt promote it :/

  27. Hello!
    I would like to know How do you choose the Wright colours for the clothes to Go with your skin tone and undertone?
    Thank you!

  28. I love the clearing out and caring for tips! I want to get the de-piller. Care and fiber type knowledge is important too!

  29. Totally agree. I was watching another YouTube fashion blogger the other day, and my goodness what a shallow meaningless life. There needs to be more soul in the clothing market. However I looked up your Kate Spade dress and couldn't believe how expensive it is. AND it's 100% polyester. What a rip off. I think the handbag industry is the worst. Sorry but Mulberry, Chloe, producing little clones wearing their leather. I find the whole designer market such a con. I think Reiss are pretty good but that's about it. You seem to have much more calm elegance about you than many other vloggers.

  30. I really admire your eco-friendly choices. This video was so interesting, informative and inspiring. Definitely written down some of these tips for future reference. Daisy x

  31. I see you are interested in sustainability fashion now! That’s great! I recently discovered a US brand that follows this methodology.
    You will love their fabrics! They have opened a few stores in the past few years in the London area!

  32. I just saw this on my recommended vids & glad I watched it. ❤️ You’re so beautiful! I have some clothes that I haven’t worn so much where they’ll be sitting in my closet for quite a long time and always telling myself that i’ll wear it next time or at some particular events. Also have other clothes that still has tags on it. So I’ll take your advice on wearing clothes little by little that’s out of my comfort zone to get a use out of ‘em and to spice up my outfits. Thnx! 💖

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