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7 Weight Loss Tips by Milind Soman | Diet and Exercise | Workout Video | Fit India Dialogue

Milind Soman Shares Fitness Habits, Tips his Diet and exercise details in Hindi Interviews, his workout videos will inspire & motivate you to start your fat to fit weight loss transformation journey. He debut from Made in India videos song in 1995, he is a National level Swimmer, Model, Bollywood actor, Super Model, achieved Ironman title at the age of 50. he was much talked about his marriage (wife) & recently for RSS controversy, & he now he co-authored his memoir titled Made in India.
Narendra Modi our PM also praised him during Fit India Dialogue.
Recently, he has been in news for running nude on Goa beach. Buying Link of Book Made in India 👉

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You will get a lot of Weight loss motivation to start your weight loss journey. Watching this will motivate you for your fat to fit or fab body transformation & towards your health, fitness and wellness. Please like & share the video to make our Fit India movement a success story.

Links of Videos Mentioned in Video:
1. Expose video Lose 10 Kg in 10 Days

2. Don’t do ab exercise to lose belly fat

3. Fat Burners, Do they work ?

Please like & share the video to make our Fit India movement a success story.

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  2. Genetics also plays the role

  3. Mera weight 83 kg tha sir abhi 63 kg hua hai maine mere daily exercise and dait se itna weight Kam Kiya hai.
    Aur yah maine 70 days main Kam Kiya hai .
    Isme Mera 60 to 80 min runing
    60 min cycling and 60 mins others gym workout hai.
    Mai subah gym karata hu 2:30 se 03:00 hours and sham ko walking karata hu 2.30 Hours.
    Abhi Mera weight Kam hua hai isliye Maine mere dait me changes kiye hai aur workout bhi abhi Kam Kiya hai , abhi main 30 se 40 min runing and 1 Hours others workout karta hu din me .

  4. I have run daily 14 to 15 km on the speed 11 km/per hours .

  5. Sir u also sound as a psyhologist voh bhi pahunchae huae

  6. Sir ur explanation style is fascinating

  7. Duplicate of Akshay Kumar 👆

  8. thank you sir !! truly helpful

  9. Looks and talks like Akshay kumar

  10. Running nude on the Goa Beach 😂😂😂😂

  11. Waiting u goa police running nude on goa Beach

  12. Sir aap apne bare me bhi btayein

  13. well done milind sir…awsmmm

  14. Sir raat ko 2roti khana chayiye ya nhi

  15. He is really a genius and knowledgeable guy…

  16. Where is his family? He doesn't have kids?

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