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8 hospitalized after tornado hits Chicago suburbs

An EF-3 tornado in DuPage Co., Illinois, damaged more than 130 homes Sunday night. The Northeast is bracing for severe weather early this week.



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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Yea but it missed the shooters

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  3. F2…you know what that is? Q said it was F….B…code for FaceBook!….dAmN LibErAl TeRnAdOwS!!! 😵😩😖😵😩😖😵

  4. Just more proof of global warming right ABC news?

  5. What about the 50+ people shot last weekend in Chicago?

  6. Yet no coverage on all of the murders that happened over the weekend, and the weekend before that, and the weekend before that, etc etc

  7. What happens to houses built from wood instead of cement — Blown

  8. The children….the baby there is no God 😪

  9. Those poor babies and the parents my heart and prayers out to them

  10. The Mayor is blaming White Supremacy!

  11. Would you look at that. A tornado caused less carnage than the people of Chicago.

  12. God did it, because you know Climate Change is BS, according to Trump Supporters. If god has a plan prayers are BS.

  13. YEAH! Midwest BABY! great place to live tornado alley.
    Or the flood plains, freeze every winter and fry an egg on your car in summer. The "good lord" loves the bible belt doesn't he? Seems like year after year the "good lord" beats the crap out of his peeps.

  14. It did 20 million dollars in improvements.


  16. It’s nothing compared to the damage you liberals have done to America

  17. "We need to ban tornadoes!" – my 10yr old cousin.

  18. Why must these videos always draw in the religious nuts that have never heard of weather before.

  19. If I was that lady who survived that tree falling through my car, I would play the Powerball every day. Luckiest person alive today!!! Did you see that!?!

  20. The good lord spared that ladies life yet destroyed all the homes and took the lives of the 10 others. The good lord certainly works in mysterious ways.

  21. The rent might be 2000 for a shack in San Diego but it was 70 and sunny today. We might get some wildfires and a big earthquake every 10 years but I prefer this over hurricanes , tropical storms etc

  22. Democrats. I think it's time you work on banning tornadoes.

  23. To bad it didn’t wipe out your China virus garbage bag pos puppet news network too

  24. Only morons live there anyways.

  25. People awake to climate change yet? The depressing thing is, there is no fixing it.

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