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A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Ballet Rehearsal With Michaela DePrince | Megyn Kelly | NBC News

NBC News’ Kate Snow gets an inside look at a rehearsal with Dutch National Ballet soloist Michaela DePrince. It doesn’t take long to see why she’s so successful. More of Michaela’s remarkable journey Sunday, July 16 at 7/6c during “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly” on NBC.
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A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Ballet Rehearsal With Michaela DePrince | Megyn Kelly | NBC News


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  1. Hopelessly in Love 💗 Michaela.

  2. Beautiful, Michaela! From New Zealand x

  3. What ballet does this variation she's working on come from?

  4. Ok she's lovely. Nothing super special. It's not like she's a principle dancer. She's getting more attention because she's black. If she was white, she wouldn't be getting the attention.

  5. that black girl magic hit home !!

  6. i love how she smiles when she dances.

  7. damm !!!!!!! love it MDP 👏👏❤❤

  8. The shoes that match her skin so you can't even see them make it look like she isn't even wearing any and it's all just one long line. I love it!

  9. She looks so beautiful here! And I love her body

  10. Michaela DePrince – a beautiful soul, spirit, and talent!

  11. hers is a beautiful and triumphant story..i love it!

  12. Michaela such an inspiration I had never heard of her and now I am in awe of her determination and her Talent and to her adoptive mother God bless you for changing lives I see Michaela's dancing as Beauty in motion it was meant to be.

  13. You are a beautiful soul and I’m sooo incredibly happy for you 💗💗💗 I wish I could have hugged and held that beautiful little girl that was thought so little of. Now you KNOW that 27 is a very beautiful and inspirational number 💗

  14. how can ANYONE dislike this? AMAZING

  15. Left me breathless! Her great athleticism is amazing as is her intensity. Prima ballerina material for sure!….

  16. she needs a lifetime movie just like gabby Douglas stories. or life should be made into a movie. she is the perfect role modal 4 a lil girls.

  17. Wowww. Graceful and extremely talented

  18. face it Megyn, you wont recover from the fake news label.

  19. will this be the man-hating hour with megyn kelly show?

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