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  1. Really great video, one gets the rhythm of a working day with all its planned events and irregularities. Also nicely edited to get one bit of every kind of work 👍

  2. I loved this video it was great to see an insight in more detail of what your work day looks like. I think it looks amazing and I'd love to do it! There appears to have a good mix of admin and creativity and fun! In there I love the standard of your videos and enjoy watching you! If you ever do another one of these videos I'll watch it! I've had this on my watch list for months just haven't had time to watch!!

  3. Nice video👌☺️ all the work is hard in his own way, no matter how much you would love your work.

  4. I LOVE THIS VLOG!!! ONE OF MY FAVORITES!!!!! DO ANOTHER ONE… You should do one for every season… (like a spring, summer, fall, winter version)

  5. Hi Josie, my word – what a busy day!! It certainly is hard work. I'm not as au fait with all the technical side of things but you do amazing videos. Very inspirational. Love your little dogs too. By the way – please note, you can see your address on the pink envelope so might be a good idea to cover it ( even though you're moving). Xx

  6. One of your best videos Josie, so interesting to see your work x 💕👍🏻

  7. Come along my little generic plastic princess ,, I'd like a reply by 9:42 and a third … What are you doing that's soooooo inspirational miss pretentious???? Oh and those so called goodie bags of your seconds you throw at family and friends ,,, ever thought about giving them on occasion to worthwhile charities ???? Probably not .!!
    There's so many of you women that do this vlogging and there is NOTHING inspirational or original in what you do, say, wear or eat , you are like the rest of them!! Fake !!!!

  8. People pay you ??? For what ?? What's influencial about you ? Your over reliant on technology and it's made you fake ,, you even talk fake and plastic,, it's hilarious .
    You need a dose of real life , take a walk , ride a bus ,, listen to life . Your a fuckin robot not a real person
    Products , labels and technology. Give it a rest .. you'd look even more stupid if your laptop and video camera were taken away ,, wouldn't you ???? How's about a reply if you can remember how to associate with a real person

  9. Hi Josie, I know this was posted a few weeks back but I still wanted to say I really love this video.. it’s really different than other you tubers “day of a you tuber” . You where so open about everything..Thank you for letting us have a look into your life! 💕

  10. Thanks for this absolutely brilliant and informative video!!

  11. This is a really interesting video, giving us a glimpse behind the scenes of your videos. Thank you for sharing and showing a realistic influencer life as opposed to just the lovely, pretty videos. Thank you!

  12. love this video. love seeing what you do.

  13. This looks like a dream if I'm honest. I get you're trying to show us you work a lot, but I still just see a very charmed and lovely life. Before I get yelled at, I mean this nicely and am super happy for you that you're able to do this and I am not saying you don't work. I'm just saying it's a lovely way to work.

  14. I loved this video and found it so insightful. Please film more videos like this one!

  15. OMG So much work!!! 😨😨😱😱. Thank u SO MUCH for sharing darling!!!😍

  16. This is an award deserving video. Thank you so very much. I hope to meet you if you ever come to NYC.

  17. please share the music you have used in this lovely video .

  18. Love this video ppl don’t see all the work behind what we do 💗💗

  19. This blog is amazing! Seeing the “other side” in the life of an influencer (sorry if you don’t like that term) and the admin and all tips and tricks and how you work with brands. Please please please do another one of these soon! ❤️

  20. Josie what a fabulous vlog, such a great honest insight .Love your work Xxxx

  21. hey i never watched you before and i loved this video! however i feel i should let you know your address is pretty prominently displayed at around 38.18, maybe want to re-edit that bit!

  22. PLEASE DO MORE OF THESE WORK WITH ME BLOG VIDEOS!!! (it's like virtual co-working) ^_^ So inspiring.

  23. OMG! How exhausting!! You and your fellow bloggers get MADD props for all the behind the scenes work you do! Excellent content and great job!! My hat is off to you!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  24. Could anyone please tell me what the music is at 53:09 ?

  25. Great job! I love to see more behind the scène of a influencer. It's very interesting what you guys do on a weekly base.

  26. My Alexa definitely just played when you asked yours to play Magic FM hahahha

  27. Thank you so much for filming this video. I too know of many young women who hope to become Influencers and it is so important that they learn about the whole job and not just the glamorous parts. I also appreciated this video for myself as it is easy to get swept away by the luxury and not realize all of the time consuming, plain hard work that also contributes to the wonderful content you create!

  28. Loved this Josie!!!!! Can I also say that I adore your hair colour at the moment? Those dark bits coming through really suit you. xx

  29. I waited for almost a whole week before deciding to watch this video, since its lenght seemed overwhelming, but I couldn't be more wrong! Thank you for uploading this positive and relaxing video and showing us in detail what an influencer does in a day!

  30. Really enjoyed this video how busy you are in a day you should do more of these. Hope your grandpops is ok x

  31. Was in the mood for a long video thank Hun x

  32. I hope companies reduce the packaging. It's not even just a blogging / YouTube industry thing now. Like I don't find something in store and think I'll just buy it online. I could order on 15ml perfume bottle and that bottle will arrive in a large can't be posted through the door bag. With lots of paper wrapping and bubble wrap. It's ridiculous.

  33. I wonder how it will be 10 or 20 years from now when you look back at this 'life'.

  34. This was so interesting! I love to see what people do in their businesses. Thank you for taking the time to film this.

  35. Loved this Josie! 💖 Also thanks for asking Alexa to play Magic FM- now playing in my kitchen 🤣🙌 xx

  36. Loved this video. Found it so informative !

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