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A Day Out In Tunbridge Wells // Escaping City Life // Fashion Mumblr

A DAY OUT IN TUNBRIDGE WELLS – Escape the city with me as I head out of London to discover the hidden gem that is Tunbridge Wells. ** LINKS TO EVERYTHING BELOW **



This video is in collaboration with South Eastern Trains who provide many different routes to towns such as Tunbridge Wells for the chance to escape the city to seek out hidden gems for a day or two!

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Jumper (similar) –
Faux leather trousers –
Gilet –
Cross body bag –
Ades bag –
Earrings –
Bracelets –

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Biggie Best –
Susie Watson designs –
Juliets –
Mount Edgcombe –



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  1. This where I live so nice to see you visiting all the places!!

  2. Great blog where are you from I'm London

  3. i live in tunbridge wells it’s so bad

  4. You know you live in tumbrigewells if you say t-wells 😂

  5. did you go to the raj pavilion x

  6. Royal Tunbridge Wells is actually the center of the known universe. Not many people know this. Tunbridge Wells in the late 80's / early 90's is the center of the space time continuum, and the peak of existence as we know it.

  7. My dad is a councillor in Tunbridge Wells

  8. Biased towards the centre of town. And I mean literally the centre. You didn't leave a 1 mile radius of the station and that's being generous. If you want to experience the true Tunbridge Wells, head towards high rocks, Wellington rocks, toad rocks (there are a lot of rocks here), and the spa valley railway (heritage line) out to Groombridge and Eridge. Theres a shopping mall opened by Princess Diana at the top of that hill you were climbing, just after what I think is the most beautiful Wetherspoons pub which used to be an opera house, it looks amazing both inside and out. Alternatively get off the train one stop early at High Brooms (seen at the very beginning of this video) which is still in the borough of Tunbridge Wells, and go for a walk around Barnett's wood nature reserve and Brokes wood. Take a walk up to southborough and see the common, the army reserve centre (you can't go in but there's a cool rocket outside), St Johns church. Head to North Farm industrial estate for more shops, and Knights wood Business park where there's an Odeon, bowling centre, Frankie and Benny's restaurant and Hop House pub/restaurant. You haven't experienced Tunbridge Wells if you stick to the Pantiles and the shopping arcade

  9. I live in Tunbridge Wells ♥‿♥

  10. Hello. Lovely video. Please could you divulge the name of the artist and song with the lyrics where are you towards the conclusion of the clip?

  11. Beautiful Royal Tunbridge Wells , I spent there 5 years nice lovely place and lovely people

  12. *ROYAL Tunbridge Wells please!!!!

  13. I saw her in tunny wells at night behind weatherspoons with her knickers round her ankles with some bloke..

  14. Awh this is my hometown! I hope you had a lovely day. Juliets is my fave! <3

  15. Kapil dev brought me here…


    Those who know know those Who don't know dont know

  16. Saw this posted on World of Women in Turtlenecks. Very nice vlog, cool ladies and excellent sweaters. Cheers

  17. OMG u came to my town??!! I live in t Wells!

  18. I live here and, the shopping centre is not as good as what it used to be as a log of shops got shut down in it

  19. Nice place Tunbridge Wells iv been here for less then a year not cheap tho.

  20. Wow beautiful location! Love the green handbag!

  21. such a beautiful video..loved the song in the end.which one is it

  22. JOSIE!! What a perfect day out! Really really really loved this – you'll have to pop back to grab those nik-naks!! xx

  23. I enjoy your videos so very much! I adore your clothing choices.

  24. Does anyone know the name of the song in the last bit of video? I really love it and have been googling around but can't find it :p

  25. Yep-More of these Girly vlogs Please….. I think 🤔 I will be calling my girlfriends and planning a Lovely outing very soon…Thx so much for the Brilliant idea ❤️

  26. I really like that you and your friend April took us on your girly boutique shopping day together…Thx for the tip using Instagram ❤️

  27. Nice to see different parts of the UK outside of London, being promoted👌🏼

  28. Amazing video loved it what camera did you use to film it as the videography was amazing

  29. I live near mount edgcumbe x

  30. What a beautiful place, looked stunning😍😍😍🌲🤶🏻🎅🏼

  31. Such a beautiful video ❤👑

  32. That was very beautiful! Love the travel blogs!

  33. Ok, I'll ask, who is "Doris?"

  34. Love this video babe!!! Ur editing is on point. I need tips!!!

  35. Love this video babe!!! Ur editing is on point. I need tips!!!

  36. It is so nice that you are able to take trains to so many locations outside of London. The train system in the US is not that great and driving longer distances can just get annoying. I do love seeing all of the towns you go to- very different from where I live 🙂

  37. I went to school in Tunbridge Wells. This is so nostalgic 🙂

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