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A look at the 4th Democratic presidential debate l ABC News

Twelve candidates are set to take the stage in Ohio on Tuesday night. READ MORE: https://abcn.ws/2BdyEzv

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  1. Not one person up there will do this country or the American people any good. We will actually go backwards. Maybe Yang, but Democrats and liberals aren't going to let that happen.

  2. No one cares about any of these Socialists …. Or the MSM plantation workers.

  3. I get so angry when they keep hopping on will taxes for healthcare. what does it matter if I spent that $1000 on premiums or taxes, ITS STILL THE SAME!!

  4. ABS News : TALK WITH ADAM GREEN !!!!!!

  5. Is this all? Months already (old) news !

  6. Why is Yeung still hanging around wasting time and money?

  7. Where the heck can I find the whole debate…there isnt anywhere on youtube WTF

  8. Fuck your analysis where is the full debate

  9. …of course they support the "impeachment inquiry": they are afraid of the competition!

  10. Tulsi G…shouldn't be up there she is a Republican and will Not be getting my vote.


  12. Trump is the democrats scapegoat.. psychology 101, they’ve got NOTHING! That was horrible and boring and just not good

  13. SERIOUSLY FOLKS LISTEN. I'm a centrist voter that will cross party lines to vote for a candidate I like. After watching the Democratic party devolve into something I don't even recognize anymore I can say I will NEVER vote Democratic again. I'm just an average person. Married 24 years, middle income working guy with a house and a car. That's it. No mansions. No family wealth. Just an average citizen. I want everyone here to look at the Democratic debate stage. Not a single American flag to be seen. Not even a remote resemblance of an American flag. These people like to say they are "Defending Democracy" but then turn around and attack the Constitution and American Citizens. They want to take away tax exemption of churches and shut them down if the religions belief isn't to their liking (Freedom of Religion) They want Mandatory gun confiscation (2nd Amendment) They want to BAN people that they do not like on social media (Freedom of speech) I've even heard Democrat senators say they want to THROW PEOPLE IN JAIL that criticize them on social media. What's scary is they say these things like there's nothing wrong with it. Like its a normal rational thing to say. These people say Donald Trump is some kind of Evil Tyrant but WHO IS ACTUALLY standing on a national debate stage acting like one??  This debate looks like a game show where there are no winners. If any of them get into office the American people will loose as well.

  14. GOOD GRIEF, Kimberly, you look like Buckwheat from the Little Rascals! Can't you polish yourself up a little?!?!?

    🇺🇸🇺🇸TRUMP IN 2020.🇺🇸🇺🇸 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  16. What a fucking joke this was !! Trump has no competition at all. it will come down to Waren VS Trump and 2020 will be a repete of 2016. GOD BLESS AMERICA !

  17. The Driver's job of the Democrat 2020 Clown Car is still up for grabs

  18. Bernie is the only realistic candidate……


  20. Forget all these wannabes. Bernie set the tone Rightfully so Decades ago..

    Trump can't tuch his record. Trump can't tuch his character. Trump can't compete against him on issues or Intellect plus Bernie already has many Republican, Independent & Democratic supporters which makes him the best & only choice candidate that has what it really takes to win against Trump.

    So let's get the Flyers & T-shirts ready for Bernie vs Trump in 2020

  21. Where the hell is your ANDREW YANG coverage!!! #yang2020

  22. " … Umm … Umm … " Jesus ! Who IS This Obtuse Broad ? Who The Hell Hired Her ? ?

  23. This CNN anchors, etc., was the worst of the four debates carrying on like time keepers in a boxing match. . Questions were of the the graffiti, bathroom wall variety. Why all the concern for the president and if he can get a fair trial. He may not even get a trial. Biden bragging about things he has done is almost laughable.

  24. The more I hear these people talk, the more I like Trump. TRUMP 2020!!!

  25. From the highlights seems there were 13 candidates for 2020 being discussed, with only one 2020 candidate being on all of the 12 democrats lips, and I wonder if he is even in their dreams. They be having Trump Dreams.

  26. Westerthrill, Commiehio. Most of the panelists didn't think ANY of them did good, or will win, except 2 who said Warren made it. Won't materialize heavily. I'll be the 753rd dislike I guess.

  27. Are you serious? Get a haircut.

  28. Im trying to find this debate unedited and in its entirety without any success. And don't understand why it has not been uploaded as yet,

  29. The new Koolaids of America! Make sure u don't have a grape lip sour.

  30. Does anyone know where I can find a full video of the debate I can't find one for some reason

  31. No President of the US… or vicePresident should have familiy working for a foreign entity while in office. Then is it clear enough what Biden and Hunter incurred? Dems think that the American people are stupid.

  32. these people are so stupid and dumb they can't even explain how they're going to pay for Medicare for all what a bunch of dimwits dumbocrats… DemonRats!

  33. Trump will win by a landslide based on the fraud fake scripted candidates

  34. Circus is in town! All they need is lions, and tigers and some elephants.

  35. piss poor media and politics…they want you to vote for them but cant get their shit together long enough to hear what they have to say

  36. idiot theres only 10 on stage man you guys are really stupid…

  37. Joe Biden- “This is about trumps corruption not mine!”

  38. Joe Biden- “This is about trumps corruption not mine!”

  39. Where’s Hunter??

    Where is Trump? Winning. Win win win

  40. ABC is fake news. Using footage of a Kentucky shooting range to pass off as Syrian war footage to blame Trump for LOL so fake. You got caught.

  41. A lineup of goofball losers… Trump 2020 KAG!!

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