Thursday , August 11 2022

A Look At The Debate Over Landmark Law Reshaping Women's Rights In Sports

President Biden, alongside the Department of Education, announced a proposal of sweeping changes that would give unprecedented protections under Title IX to transgender students. NBC News’ Hallie Jackson reports on how the president’s move comes as the debate grows over the inclusion of trans girls in women’s events.  » Subscribe to NBC News:
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#womenempowerment #womensrights #sports

A Look At The Debate Over Landmark Law Reshaping Women’s Rights In Sports


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  2. What about mens rights in womens sports?

  3. Biological women are having rights taken away.

  4. If men had some accountability or any consequences this would have had a different outcome. #boycottpregnancy. They will take birth control next to control women…like the bible says.

  5. Yes, ladies, you have rights when it comes to abortion. You have the right to shut up; you have the right to take the pill instead of killing a helpless baby; you have the right to say no when you are vulnerable to pregnancy; you have the right to stay off your back and you have the right to defend your fetus instead of destroying it. That's about it.

  6. OH MY LORD!!!! 1:17

    Now watch the moms mouth on the left as the child to the right “answers” the reporters question on the spot. Obviously mom didn’t coach the child, obviously mom isn’t MOUTHING the EXACT words that the kid is about to say 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️

    These people have no honor whatsoever. Guaranteed that type of “mom” is exactly why that kid is so confused in the first place. Unbelievable. Literally coached her child to say “i don’t want medals” just because the mom KNOWS that is what the political thing to do is and it’s clout right now. Despicable.

    I feel so sorry for kids whose parents just treat the camera and video like it’s al that matters

  7. democrats still can't figure out what a woman is…..

  8. Bruce Jenner is the greatest woman athlete. Sorry biological women

  9. More Opinionated Propaganda by Media Scum with no Integrity. No News just Opinionated Propaganda by Media Scum with no Integrity. What no News about Hillary Clinton’s Russian Collusion? What no News about Mass Murderer Cuomo?

  10. 1:00 That is child abuse. This boy is 9 years old and was clearly influenced by their parents into doing this. If someone wants to switch their gender it should be their own choice and should be when they are old enough to actually understand what it means. This channel should be ashamed for encouraging that.

  11. Oh I can hear the whining and sobbing from the brainwashed democrats.
    I can see the frowning and hear the whimper of the liberal talking head.
    time to dismantle the marxist like democrat party.
    no e.s.g. in America.
    trash the not so great reset.
    get back to basics.
    keep it simple America.
    bill of rights.
    fear God.

  12. The future is Transgender 🏳️‍🌈

  13. No more discrimination against the Transgender community 🏳️‍🌈

  14. Keep men out of wah mens sports

  15. No one believes this network

  16. All the testosterone doesn't make you a man nor does all the estrogen in the world make you a woman. It does make you a product of modern medicine. An adult is one thing. They have the ability to make that choice.
    On the other hand these kids don't .
    You can't and I won't believe these kids made that decision on their own. Sports is about competing on a level field with your piers. This is not.

  17. Did you see his mother how she is reciting everything the boy is saying under his breath? That is very creepy. She taught him what to say word for word.

  18. Those parents should be in prison.

  19. Came for the comments, they didn’t disappoint. Glad to see there’s still some common sense left in we the people.
    As for NBC… well, I think we all know what you are…

  20. Transgenders should NOT be allowed to enter in the transitioned locker rooms and bathrooms!! What about natural genders rights?!!!!