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A Man who shot an unarmed man in Florida was convicted of manslaughter a year later

Shove Drejka shot Marquis McGlockton after being shoved to the ground and claimed self-defense.


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  1. Did they get a ticket for parking in handicap spot at least? I see an uproar about pro football players being inconsiderate parking in handicap so why is it ok here?

  2. No wonder why a Hurricane approaching Florida.

  3. Here's what this court case has taught me: if I see someone getting raped, mugged, robbed, assaulted…. I'm just going to mind my business and walk the other way so I can save myself the trouble.


  5. You cant just shoot someone when they arent a threat anymore. I feel bad for the mother and child. They're never going to see their loved one ever again all because some idiot was petty enough to murder over someone using a handicap spot. Theres so many ways that couldve been handled better.

  6. This is a good reminder to double and triple check your thought process before using the second amendment instead of just blatantly reacting to a situation if you can’t do that then you should willingly turn in your weapon if you can’t use sound logic and judgment in the heat of the moment not everyone has that ability and their is no shame in that.

  7. Him being locked up ain't justice. Him beiing put down like a rabid dog and sent to the deep pits of hell for all eternity is true justice. A life for a life. Him getting 3 hots and a cot ain't doing nothing but wasting tax dollars.

  8. The implication is that you aren't allowed to speak freely and honestly about a grievance you have. Rather than consider the deceased the instigator for his initiation of violence, the jury chose to see the shooter as the instigator. That's only plausible if they count his addressing the deceased's partner with words as the initiation of violence. It was a bad call, engineered by prosecutors who want to dissuade people from using their weapons even in self-defense. In the video of the altercation in question, it is clear that the shooter never represented a physical threat to the deceased or his partner. The takeaway is if you are smaller than the other guy, you had better shut up and let him dominate you or it's all your fault he beat you up. Does that seem right to you? Not to me. It won't stop me from doing my level best to kill a larger attacker if I think that is the level of response required. I'll take my chances with the law, but not with my life. BTW, the attacker started walking away only when he realized it wasn't going to go his way. Too fucking bad. He's still dead.

  9. It’s basically shows how violent and stupid Americans are, that is why I left to live in Singapore, Tokyo, and Bangkok. The white guy was wrong for approaching the women in the car. If he wanted to he could have just called the police and tell them someone is parking in the handicap spot with no permit showing. The black guy was wrong for coming up and pushing the guy to the ground. He should have just came up and got in his car and left. The white guy was pushed down and the black guy was not continuing his aggressiveness. The white guy had an agenda to shoot a black man. Once the guy backed up the threat was gone. The white guy could have got up and drove off, and called the police. I watch mostly white Americans who come to South Asia were I live, they get drunk and start complaining about these countries food, culture, alcohol, etc. This usually ends with a fight and the white guy being locked up.

  10. that's sad for the guy who got murdered over a handicap parking spot. The murderer should get sentenced to death

  11. in Idaho your allowed to defend yourself what a shitty state

  12. Despicable Trump supporters pieces of trash people.

  13. In the end the jury decided that murder is more egregious than defending your lady's honor.

  14. Seems fair enough. He had every right to pull it. The other guy started the physical violence and was still approaching even after he was on the ground, not stopping until it was pulled. BUT, he did back away after that and before being shot.

  15. 30 yrs for manslaughter doubt it he'll be out in afew years.

  16. You dumb##s call the cops if you have a problem where people park….that was stupid, who cares where other people park it's not your business…and your not handicapped…if you were and couldn't park anywhere else because of it it would probably be different….so now since you were walking towards his wife and we're a possible threat to her safety you will probably die in prison.and there is no stand your ground in a public parking lot stupid.

  17. The black guy was taking care of his kids? What? High on extacy? What? And I’m pretty sure the mother knows. Piece of shit father also. I think she should be investigated ongoing for having a piece of shit like this visibly high in pictures, around little children like this. This guy was guilty of being everything but a good person.

  18. And that’s just what you see public records probably has the rest. Piece of shit. Only in Pinellas. This is the world we live in. Ware a do-gooder follows the law and gets put in jail and a criminal gets redemption.

  19. That black piece of shit was in there buying blunts to roll his weed. And the black piece of shit Markeis McGlockton has 5 listed priors on mugshots 2 possession of cocaine and a charge for petit theft and a Domestic Battery charge bet you he beat a woman’s ass and SALE OF COUNTERFEIT DRUGS.! And they broke the law parking in a handicap parking space. And he assaulted MICHAEL DREJKA. Drejka has no prior arrest or charge. Markeis McGlockton was also found with MDMA in his system. The jury and the court are pieces of shit for convicting Drejka. The law states by any means necessary. What would have happened if he didn’t shoot you can see the piece of street trash ball his fist up before Drejka pulled his weapon. He could have attacked him and killed Drejka or attacked him and grabbed his gun and used it on him. The system failed on this one. Drejka did society a justice. And this piece of shit got what he deserved. I didn’t see Drejka touch the big fat 400 lb black chick we all pay for with food stamps and welfare. Travesty of justice. The jury should be hung. When is it enough when it’s to late like the psta driver that got stabbed to death.

    Here is the piece of shit black guys mugshots https://mugshots.com/search.html?q=Markeis+McGlockton

  20. What a stupid thing to do. Impulsive, bombing idiot. Shooting that man in cold blood for something so insignificant. It was unnecessary to be so impulsive in allowing your irrational thought process overtake your ligical thinking. Now a man is dead, and you idiot, going to be lockedup for several decades. You are very dangerous dude. Thank God. That you are being locked up and society is going to be safe from a dangerous beast like you.

  21. Fuck that guy. Glad his punk ass is off the streets.

  22. Who was the police guy that DECLINED to charge or arrest this guy? If not for the DA and Jury this man would have been cleared!!

  23. so justice can happen in America sometimes

  24. Why did he get shoved to the ground? I say that's self defense.

  25. He deserves more than 30 years. Life in prison no chance of parole

  26. I personally believe any full-grown man that walk around with a pistol is a fucking coward. If you are real man you should be able to resolve dispute without a firearm. But white people think they can do what they want to and get away with it. Now the survivors should go after everything his punk-ass got. Which is probably nothing. I called him a punk because that exactly what he's going to be in prison. Somebodies little bitch.

  27. The shooter in this case had been looking for a reason to pull out his gun and shoot someone.If it had not been this black man it would have been someone else.

  28. Open carry laws are ridiculous. What did y'all think was gonna happen? Letting idiots carry guns, then get surprised when they shoot someone.

  29. Good job jury…
    That case of self-defense was bs he approached that woman's car talking crazy and her husband came out to protect his wife and then this fool pulls out a damn gun the man backs up and you shoot him infront of his wife and kids…take your dum ass to jail…
    Some people just cant mind there own business…at this point i bet he wish he did over a dam parking space….lost his life over a parking space….SIR YOU WERE THE THREAT THAT DAY…YOU😜

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