Tuesday , June 22 2021
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A mass shooting at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis leaves 8 people dead

Shooting comes as new poll shows 89% of Americans support requiring background checks for all gun buyers.

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  1. Ahhh the disease that is the "united" states.
    Bla bla thoughts n prayers bla bla bla… you'll never learn.
    Step 1: mass shooting
    Step 2: media coverage
    Step 3: fake public numb "sympathy" and magic aka "prayers"
    Step 4: cops sympathizing with the shooter.
    Step 5: half politicians talk gun control and the other half put up smoke screens, and NOTHING will be done as usual.
    Step 6: forget about it untill the next one 1-2weeks later and repeat. See step 1.

  2. Shalom to the victims and condolences to their families. This question must be asked from my (specific) people’s #iSRAELITES’ point of view: **Did the police simply arrest this mass shooter/terrorist for due process OR did they end his life for actually being a legitimate threat and causing harm to innocent people?** Our inquiring minds would like to know. Again, Shalom.

  3. It’s like multiple a day now this country is disgusting

  4. Is this time for more guns or Thoughts and Prayers(tm)? I lost count.

  5. Brandon Scott Hole doesn’t exist. Lie.

  6. Dont make no damn sense yall foos trippin

  7. "Identifying radicals?" All radicals, or just the ones who don't fit into your political agenda?

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  9. Sounds like the guy wasn't white lol this will be buried

  10. Another member of our well regulated militia exercising his 2nd amendment rights. The GOP offers “thoughts and prayers and will be happy to get some donations to their NRA fund.

  11. Come on Nap. Get it together. Wtf

  12. Another day another shooting.

  13. Motive? He’s a Derik naziChovinist

  14. There's seriously a shooting everyday. I don't know if before it happened this frequently or if we're just more aware of it now.

  15. Well, a new record of going 2 days without this kind of terrorist story…congrats

  16. Sending my condolences and prayers to the families affected. This is a scary world we live in. We must give the kids/youth today a proper upbringing and emotional support so they'll learn how to be prudent and respectful so we can all have a better and peaceful future

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  18. tthis is a prime example of another hoax brought to you by the leftist Democratic deep state!

  19. No indians or red coats or commies
    Why all the guns?

  20. Isn't it interesting how fast there are willing to throw up a Police officers face all over the news when they suspect the officer of "FOUL" play when they "ASSUME" the whole story and don't know nothing. But, when some one goes on a Shooting Craze its days before they tell You who the "SUSPECT" is and what "COLOR" he is!

  21. When you've invested in yet another unfinished, broken, incomplete AAA vide game for the last time.

  22. Why are you hiding the shooter?

  23. Nice another day in fucking America

  24. It's really not that complicated..
    Your guns need to be taken away.
    Plain and simple.
    The President needs to explain to its citizens that guns are no match for their tanks.
    An unpopular opinion but it's true.
    People need to be reminded that the illusion that their guns are what's keeping them safe in the event the government takes over or a shooter comes into their house is a LIE.
    Y'all can't have guns because you can't be trusted oh, that's the end of it!

  25. Why bother calling yourselves 'news'? No facts nor details, yet?

  26. Something has to be done about guns. Point blank period

  27. America is oversaturated with nutjobs and guns, a deadly combination.

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