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A Romantic Lookbook | Fashion Mumblr

I hope you enjoy my Romantic Lookbook. A few floral, feminine and glamorous outfits and affordable dresses for weddings, proms, and summer occasions!
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Our location for this video was the fabulous Hedsor :


❤ What I Wore ❤


Dress :
Shoes :
Bracelet :
Ring :
Necklace :


Dress :
Shoes :
YSL Bag :


Dress :
Shoes :


Top :
Skirt :
Shoes :


Dress :
Shoes :
Bag :
Necklace :
Bracelet :

Also Featured :
Pink Silk PJs :
Fragrance :
Hourglass Palette :
Hourglass Lip Stylo :
Nail Varnish :


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  1. i know im late, but these outfits are AMAZING!

  2. This is so pretty I love the pearls,blush pink, creams aesthetics ❤️❤️❤️

  3. New here, I love lookbooks with no talking but you took this on another level! such good quality !

  4. Loved the lookbook, but the link for the dress in Belle of the Ball doesn't seem to be working, is the dress Ted Baker?

  5. Very well done! Love the collection. Hugs from Texas!

  6. Beautiful video and outfits ❤️ but links not working 😩

  7. You are perfect! Your style is flawless. I loved all the looks and it would be impossible not to love them as they are flawless!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous 😍😍. You look so classy.

  9. Love the looks, but am I the only one who thinks that she and Freddy overdue it with the fake tan? I think they’d look better with their natural skin colour. The fake tan looks well, fake, and patchy

  10. I love your sense of fashion but I'm more of a fancy glamours person and your my princessy and romantic type

  11. the dress at 1:55 is to die for. that is cute…can you wear that all the time.

  12. I thought you was Freddy haha 😍

  13. I love when you are more spontaneous in your videos. I liked that you ran into the ballroom and twirled in your flowered handkerchief dress. One could see the movement of the dress and see your free spirit. The sprint and twirl reminded me of a perfume commercial. Nice job, Josie!

  14. wow your Pajamas looks so cool

  15. You are the best. I love this look book and thanks for all the hard work you put into bringing us this video. You inspire me

  16. WOW 😮 awesome lookbook. Your wardrobe is gorgeous 😇💜

  17. Literally blown away by the colour co-ord going on here!! Like…Why can't I be so put together?!? #class lady! Xx

  18. This is so beautiful! You look so classy 😍😍

  19. Oh my this is brilliant. Lots of details of items shown and really high quality vid. Feeling inspired 😍😍😍

  20. Such a beautiful video! I’m looking for ideas for a wedding guest outfit, such a shame these are all out of stock 🙁 I will keep watching for inspiration! Xx

  21. Look books are so much fun. You looked amazing and the video was so well done. I wasn't a fan of the ruffles on the shoes as I felt it overwhelmed the foot but the white flats were a hit. Bravo!

  22. Uhg, those dresses 😍Are you doing one this year?

  23. Wowww 😍😍🤩 u look lovely!! Amazing!! It feels soo romantic!! 😍❤️

  24. Love the last dress from the Belle of the ball look. Is the dress out of stock though?

  25. What a beautiful video! I love your style and you are so beautiful. You are such a classy Lady!

  26. Gorgeous video and music <3 what the music please ?

  27. THT IS CLASS.. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!.. stunning.. the people that disliked this video surely are lacking class!

  28. that's the best lookbook that i've seen so far

  29. You are so adorable! I am so glad I found your youtube channel!

  30. Omg I thought this was Freddy my love before reading the comments. They seriously look soooo much alike. Omg mind blown lmfao!😮😄😂

  31. very very beautiful video…love the clothes and shoes and the location where u shot it makes the video look so professional…thanks for sharing

  32. Title of the song please!!! ♥

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