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A ROMANTIC WEEKEND IN ROME // Fashion Mumblr Travel Vlog

A ROMANTIC WEEKEND IN ROME – a new travel vlog!
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#Rome #Travel #Italy

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Day One Outfit:
Hat –
Earrings –
Stripe Dress –
White Broderie Dress –
Huge Hat –
Floral Straw Bag –
Wedding Pink Dress –
Pearl Headband –

Day Two
Scarf Print Playsuit –
Prada Bag –
Sunglasses –
Necklace –
White Playsuit –
Sandals –
Long White Jumpsuit –
Valentino Bag –

Day Three
White Dress –
Sandals –

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  1. Your travel vlogs are so beautiful and dreamy 💜😍

  2. I have 2 fashion blogger friends, Melissa Celestine Koh & Shannon Sullivan, do you happen to know them personally Josie? 😊

  3. You look stylish Josie 😊

  4. Hello Josie, I really love watching your fashion & beauty videos, hope you guys are doing well 😊

  5. What's with expensiverestaurants and such small dishes aaargh

  6. Josie, that pink dress you wore to your friends wedding is gorgeous!

  7. Love your travel Vlogs Josie. Thanks so much. What camera is Charlie using for his pics?

  8. Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Awww what a lovely video ..reminds me of my time in Rome…..looking so pretty as always x

  10. Josie being so skinny ages her

  11. I know very well Bonci's pizza!!! It s the best choise you can do!!!! Greetings from Italy🙆🙆💞

  12. Fabulous. Loved all the clothes and places you went. I have been in Italy but not Rome…want to go. Would you be willing to list the places you stayed and also where you ate while you were there? If I don't drink coffee and want something non alcoholic to drink do you have any suggestions? I love gelato….thanks

  13. Beautiful Josie! what's the name of the song played at 4:00? Anyone know?

  14. You and Charlie are so freaking cute!

  15. Italy looks amazing, congratulations to the happy couple !

  16. I LOVE ALL your outfits, especially the gold print playsuit 4:21. Rome is so beautiful, & the food looks so amazing!

  17. I LOVE ALL your outfits, especially the gold print playsuit 4:21. Rome is so beautiful, & the food looks so amazing!

  18. Loved your wedding outfit 😍😍😍

  19. The hats! 😍😍 lovely summery vlog, I love Rome

  20. Viva Roma!! 🇮🇹 Italy loves You!!

  21. Is he still into vibrating stones – Congratulations Newlyweds!♡

  22. What memories of Rome! I think I hear the Fontana di Trevi calling me again!
    You should bring Charlie to Malta for another getaway soon!

  23. Why does Youtube recommend this to me? An woman who wants to be a model, and her "colorful" friend. weird.

  24. Those Venchi gelatos are the best! 🤤 I tried them in Florence and really the best gelato I’ve eaten

  25. you look so lovely in the pink dress & beautiful in your tan !! Thank you for taking us along to Rome Have a lovely weekend ( Judy )

  26. Arh, Josie loved it! My husband took me to Rome last January for my birthday, and we both fell in love with city, and totally blown away by the Coliseum! Loved this vlog, Charlie looked very dapper in his pink suit! x 😄

  27. Oh, how I miss Italy<3 Just been there in Tuscany for 2 weeks:-)

  28. Every time you travel, please please show us the restaurants and the food, also, you look very beautiful 😃😃😄🙂

  29. Best Vlog ever! Congrats to Nathan and Rory! 👏💕

  30. Italian weddings are the best!

  31. I enjoyed this video so much!! Rome is one of my favorite travel destinations. I recognized everything in the backgrounds! You look beautiful in every outfit!

  32. The paisley blouse is very pretty …

  33. You guys looking gorgeous!!!! Beautiful place the food looks delicious 😋!! You are so gracious and beautiful Josie 💝 all the best for both of you guys. Take care. 🤗🌷

  34. Absolutely love your Prada bag!

  35. What a beautiful couple your husband is so cute and so are you. Rome is so beautiful!

  36. Welcome back to Italy! Italian Weddings are great indeed especially in the South! I hope you enjoyed Rome. I love my Capital city! Ciao

  37. Hey Josie! Rome looked amazing and I loved those looks on you. It is always lovely to be there for friends and family on their special days 🙂

  38. Rome is a wonderful city. You are pretty in every outfit.

  39. Such a beautiful trip to Rome, magical places, fun food:) thank you for sharing ❤️💕💕💕

  40. Great video. Quite random but could you do a video on hair accessories? I’m 34 but with a child it’s hard for me to have my hair down
    Completely and looking for nice ways to style hair so when go back to work. Thanks x

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