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A TRANSITIONAL TRENDS LOOKBOOK // What I Wore This Weekend // Fashion Mumblr

My Weekend Transitional Wardrobe // Here’s what I wore this weekend including my new Autumn Essentials from Karen Millen – shoppable links below!
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I’m currently working with Karen Millen to promote their Essentials range which I absolutely adore! Keep a look out for a Facebook Live on Tuesday 29th at 5.45pm (UK time) where i’ll be chatting to the designer of the range and sharing Autumnal styling tips! It will be shared on the Karen Millen Facebook;

You can find out more about The Essentials collection in store or at

❤ Featured in this Video ❤

Karen Millen The Essentials Collection

Black Leather Jacket –
Black and white bag –
White drape top –
Trainers –
Trench Coat –
White chocker blouse –


❤ What I Wore ❤

Leather Jacket –
Zara Dress – In Store
Bag –
Chunky Gold Bracelet –
Gold Chain Bracelets – &
Ring –

Top –
Jeans –
Leather Jacket –
White and black bag –

Jeans –
Trainers –
Bag –

Trench coat –
White choker top –
Skirt –
Bag –

Hoop ring –
Stacking ring –
Thin bracelet –
Think bangle –
Earrings –
Necklace –



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  1. Absolutely loved this video!! I'm planning on doing a little autumn hail soon so this post was to handy!! And love then music and this location! Basically I'm just in love with this video xxxx

  2. Lovely video. Your style is just exactly how I want to look. Can you tell us what is the top that you were wearing with sneakers? Its not in the description box. Thank you.

  3. Great content! Can you please say where the top in look 3 is from, as its not in the description?

  4. Didn't find the music on Shazam. I really like this one. Could you give me the name of this track? Thank you ❤️

  5. I love your videos and the beautiful way you film them. I must agree with previous posters on one count though (and I don't mean to sound rude, just want to give feedback) – the song that you play first is extremely repetitive, and I must confess that I would be happy to never hear that one again.

  6. Omg I loved this lookbook! Second and third outfits are amazing and totaly my style. Loved it on you! 🎊

  7. Josie you completely rock the black girl! Good on you for trying something new as know you don't like wearing black normally! 😍👌🏻 Getting me so excited for the colder months too, just for the clothes! 👏🏻 X

  8. Could you start adding more close-up clips so we can see more detail? Loved that leather jacket and floral dress!

  9. I really like the white blouse with choker cut out in the last outfit set, but £££…. 😭 dupe please!

  10. That grey and floral dress is amazing! I would never take it off haha but it probably wouldnt look as good on me.

  11. Loved all the outfits and location Josie. The casual wear is more me, I would totally wear them. Always love your videos makes me smile : ) xo


  12. Where is the jumper from in outfit 3 please? It's so me! X

  13. Yess Diva! You look great in darker colors, the black especially. You're fantastic and I just love how you present yourself and style, my MUSE!

  14. Hi Josie!!! thank you for your beautiful fashion!!!
    can you please link that white sweater from look #3?

  15. Hi Josie!! The clothes look amazing on you!! I love what ever you do. You have great taste in fashion!!❤️❤️

    From Megan!!

  16. Hello, could you please give me the reference of the music played because I enjoyed it a lot ! Thank you in advance. Xoxo

  17. Your hair looks great with the second outfit. I like that style on you.

  18. Loving seeing some of the darker colors mixed in with your usual white and blush. The first outfit is just lovely and styled so perfectly. And omg the trench coat from the last outfit! 💕 Thought this was filmed and edited beautifully. Great work as always. 🙂 xx

  19. I love all the looks in this "weekend CAPSULE" ;o) ! Love the way you put your outfits together. Can't wait to see more.

  20. I like the outfits very much, you look like a woman, but you pose like a little girl with your moves

  21. Hi. I loved this. You dress like a woman should look like, clothes are stylish and look beautiful on you. Well done you. Xxx

  22. Love that you add new colors and styles to your wardrobe =) The leather jacket and those black and white sneakers look amazing on you. Loved the video =)

  23. I'm sorry to say the music really got on my nerves

  24. I really like your style! Your looks are very cute. The first shots of the first look seem repetitive, but from then on was smooth sailing. Very nice video.

  25. I am liking ur style more and more… u look so stylish and lovely in those casual jeans.. and alsi loved all the hairstyles.. 😍😍

  26. Hi, Josie! I would have loved for you to be more realistic with your definition of CAPSULE WARDROBE. Whatever you showed in this video is the exact opposite – having 4 different bags during the weekend and the only "re-used" items are the jeans, heels and black jacket?! Ha! You are funny.

  27. I love love love your style!! And espacially your personality💓 I'm watching since 2015

  28. I really admire your work ethic, it's really inspiring to see you working so hard to make your life what you want it to be. I have never seen anyone upload such high quality videos so frequently, you deserve all your success! x

  29. Is it coat weather there already?😲

  30. What a beautiful video – you have such a classic look x

  31. Black does look good on you but i don't think it's suitable with your elegant style. I saw a lot of comments saying you should wear more black and i don't think you should🙈 xx

  32. Loved it ! It is a nice little change !

  33. The half updo makes you look so young

  34. You are one of my favorite fashion vloggers even though I'm your mum's age! Thank you for sharing your looks and all the websites! I actually bought those beige fur lined mules you showed once a while ago! Adorable, but not as lucious as Gucci ones! xo from CA—You will find you change and grow as you age, which is marvelous! Please show more pics on your Instagam of other things, and make sure you vlog in Italy, one of my favorite countries!

  35. Loved the two casual outfits ….great hair

  36. How come you always look great in all those clothes? If I'll try to wear one, I would not look good. Idk if its just me but anyways great video as always.

  37. I love your hair in the 2 outfit❣❣

  38. You are the cutest….love your style 👌🏻👌🏼👏🏻👏🏻

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