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A Weekend in Amsterdam! | VLOGTOBER #5 | Fashion Mumblr

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Day Two outfit details :


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  1. You and Charlie are so cute together. 😀. Lovely holiday. Glad you enjoyed yourselves. Love you!! 💕🌷

  2. Loved it, just wanted to see more outfits 😬.

  3. Hi 😀 hide me in your bag so I can see all of these things too! I love watching your vlogs!

  4. So lovely to see you in "my town" 😊 PS., the Estee Lauder-event was held in the former stock exchange designed by Berlage 😘

  5. Thanks for this beautiful video, you look very pretty in rusty brown! Xoxo!

  6. Hey! Its so nice to see dat you like amsterdam 😀 I life in Amsterdam and it so nice that you like it : )

  7. Going to Amsterdam in 13 days with my girlfriend and we are beyond excited. What was the name of the restaurant you found where you had pancakes, bacon, etc for breakfast? Also, what is a MUST SEE or MUST DO for you in Amsterdam?

  8. what hotel was this ? very nice

  9. I loved watching this! Hope you had a great time. I am going in a couple of weeks and am super excited! xx

  10. I am definitely going to visit Amsterdam thanks for sharing. can i ask what you say to people when you are filming or show up with your camera? xoxo

  11. What band is that in the background around 2:22 ? Very Beatles-like.

  12. Hi there!I just found your channel. I live in Germany and I'll be in Amsterdam next weekend. Its great that you're staying at the Radisson blue because I'm going between this hotel and two others. Great video. Oh  going to London March. I'm taking my son there for his 13th birthday.

  13. Loved your vlog.. Amsterdam is so beautiful. Especially when sun comes out the city is more magical! I totally fell in love with the city!:))

  14. This is so cool! I live in Amsterdam. I hope you hat a great time 💗 ( sorry for my Englisch i am not the best )

  15. This is my first watching of your channel I love it💅🏻😍😍

  16. Omg, Amsterdam looks so pretty… Now I really want to go there! Loved this vlog x

  17. Hi Josie! Me and my boyfriend are going to Amsterdam in December for three days too… How much money did you spend as I have no idea how much to take! X

  18. Amsterdam looks so beautiful, I can't wait to go there next month, thank you for sharing this with us 🙂 x

  19. Love this video, editing skills are really nice!

  20. The video is amazing, seems like i was there watching all beautiful places of Amsterdam, thank you for sharing these emotions!

  21. Wow looks like such a nice trip! All that food looks amazing!

  22. Love your vlogs! I hope to travel one day too. And you guys are the cutest couple ever!

  23. Loved the vlog! Being Dutch I was like; been there! Superfun too see xxxx

  24. Your vlogging/editing style is amazing. Could watch you for days Josie:)

  25. such a beautiful place and i like your outfit!;) xxx

  26. Amsterdam looks so beautiful! Looks like you had a great time! xx

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