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A Weekend in the Lake District with Dexter!!! (and Charlie) | Fashion Mumblr | AD

Charlie, Dexter and I spent the weekend in the beautiful Lake District and here’s what we got up to!

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  1. Where's the ruffle roll neck from?

  2. My Scruffy Bear would've loved to go along.

  3. ❤❤❤❤❤🐕❤❤❤❤❤

  4. Wow am now reminiscing been there 2 years ago…thanx guys

  5. I went to the Lake District because my dad hired a boat for us to sleep on but I was scared

  6. Was it a beautiful place did you love it

  7. You are such a lovely lady. Lake district is deffinitly beautiful chose

  8. Ahhh l❤ve me some Dexter!

  9. Oh my goodness. I'm just having a quiet morning off here in wintery Canada, and enjoyed the absolutely beautiful Lake District with you three! Wonderful scenery and relaxing. You are such a great filmer/editor. Loved the train. Blessings ❤

  10. 레이크 디스트릭 2008년에 방문했는데 정말 멋진곳 나중에 그기가서 살고 싶음. 정말 평화롭고 아름다운 곳. I have been there in 2008 2days trip. That memories of L.D was best place to live ever i think.

  11. Can you do a rainy day fashion please

  12. You seem like nice people but I'm sorry to say you are everything I despise about modern Britain. Fake accents, trying to sound more intelligent than you actually are , fake teeth and a car on credit. No offence against you guys, I wish you both the best in life. However, it is inevitable that London will deteriorate even further. Why not try Dewsbury for your next trip then go tell your friends in London what they have done to our country? I personally hold every single one of you accountable for the hurt and pain your greed and self interest has imposed on the most loyal and vulnerable of our people. Eventually reality will reach you and your family. Think about that.

  13. Absolutely loved this, it reminded me of my family holidays . Great to see Charlie and Dexter too! x

  14. This was amazing – the Lake District looks so nice!! Hope you both had a lovely time!! Xxx

  15. never thought of going vegetarian, Josie? Look at Dexter, and have a reflection…..I started like that…looking at my lil jack Russell in the eyes… Peace

  16. And when you live among it its just another hill and tree- nice to see it through someone elses eyes

  17. where did you get your lovely suitcase josie

  18. Can I ask where your sunglasses are from?

  19. that part other England is so beautiful a special hidden gem god bless the both of you and your family

  20. loved this vlog. I adore the lake district. you must but Keswick on your to do list it's a beautiful little town. very dog friendly. a walk down to the lake is a must. you can always get the boat across to the other side then walk back round. also waterfalls at ulswater.
    Another beautiful place to visit is Ambleside . you can get a boat from windermere to Ambleside , nice way to see the lake. x

  21. Does someone know the song at 5:30? Shazam doesn't..

  22. I like all your videos; however I love when you invite us along on your adventures. Like the Maldives, Greece, South Africa etc. You guys are the whole package … fashion, beauty, food, lifestyle. Love it.

  23. I love your travel videos. Dexter is a cutie. You have given me a great excuse to return to the U.K. and tour the Lake District. We did London ,Windsor castle , and Bath last year. It is a beautiful area of your country. Your black and white zigzag purse is super cute.

  24. love your sunglasses, what are they? xx from New Zealand

  25. I can't believe that I've never actually been to the Lake District! Especially given it's such a foodie destination. I'll have to make that my next UK trip!

  26. I have this little goal of spending some time in every county in england! I'd love to see more england get aways for inspiration! Its more affordable then going abroad so much more relatable… although don't get me wrong I loved living through your maldives vlog!

  27. Hey, I think in one of your videos you mentioned you had bought a white sport legging that was good quality do you remember where you got it form. Because I can't find that video. And I love your channel I think you deserve more. Love you

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