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ABC News Live Update: COVID-19 escalating to record highs in US

Plus, President-elect Joe Biden has announced Ron Klain as his chief of staff, despite President Trump refusing to concede, and how to celebrate Thanksgiving with the family safely.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. BULLSHET NEWS… nobody gives a rats azs about your massively over-inflated coverage of CoJoke-19… it is NO pandemic when less than 1/2 of 1% of the worlds population dies from this sillyazs flu-bug. In the 14th century, nearly ONE HALF of the world population died from a simular virus (Bubonic Plague). THAT was a pandemic!

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  3. WOW – Just more (Fake-News from ABC) The Hospitals are not filling up with CV19 patients, and the PCR Test Numbers are FAKE (Proof) Over 20 cycles give false positives (the CDC says over 33 cycles are useless, and Dr. Fauci says over 35 is useless) > The PCR Tests in the United States are set at 37-45 cycles "mostly 40-45 cycles" – meaning (All Cases based on this test are meaningless and useless) 100% FRAUD ~Yet, Fauci has not said a word about the FAKE PCR Tests driving the Numbers.
    Proof Links available for anyone interested, including Video of Fauci saying over 35 are meaningless. BONUS – Video of Global Court Case by Lawyer Reiner Füllmich > over the FAKE PCR Test

  4. We are doing a great job testing. All we have to do is figure out how to count more and make the positive numbers go down. Dominion software anyone?

  5. Ask Vietnam how they have only35 deaths TOTAL for the whole emergency. And oh yes THIS govt reports accurately. How those people do that? Two huge cities and yes so low total. How they do that?

  6. you guys should follow Australia today we had only 17 people test positive, and we lost 907 in total since this virus started, we know how to deal with this virus. Australia is best place on earth……

  7. I pray that all caretakers & all be protected. "O Lord" "…nourish their souls with what Thou hast ordained for Thy loved ones on whom shall come no fear and who shall not be put to grief." ~ Baha'u'llah, Baha'i Faith

  8. COVID-19 Treatment- To know how the most powerful Anthara Kumbhaka Yoga can Cure Corona Killer Fever, Please click the LINK Watch and Subscribe

  9. A total failure of leadership. Total incompetrency. 2021 is going to worse than 2020

  10. The Constitution will determine the president of the United States.

  11. The numbers are exaggerated to bring fourth their agenda. Covid 19 was engineered in a lab in China, released through ground using weather manipulation into the ionosphere controlled, and regulated globally by electromagnetic energy, lying about the spread, creating hyperinflation which is all planned to economic reset, lying about coin shortage, and contaminated money, Be VERY mindful of a vaccine that is this:
    This vaccine is of the devil
    Do I speak truth of what i have shown you.
    Trump will be in office again.
    This war is spiritual, and not natural.

  12. Even peoples with no ID can vote, I heard online???
    Congress stop playing peekaboo with peoples about the stimulus package and sigh it and get the help that Americans citizens need now =( 21 millions peoples needed help Eight Months ago and still and still filing for unemployment come on smh What is Congress is doing and no Executive order ??? Oh yeah going on Break instead doing their job =( smh while Millions are suffering and struggling for Holidays?? =(

    Rip for those that deceased from the virus.

  13. Thank the people that won't social distance or wear a mask for the new shut down restrictions. Now they want to cry because they are getting locked down again.

  14. I can testify under oath that the news people lie..
    when I worked at a Albertsons in Las Vegas .
    I worked an 8 hour shift one day and when I went home that same evening.. the local news said the roof at my store had caved in.. and they showed a picture of a building with the roof caved in.. and I told my neighbor that I had just left that store and I had been there working since 7am and when I left the roof was fine. And I went 2 work the next day.. and the roof had never fallen in .. they lied. I said so that is why people were calling the store all day asking if we were ok.. because the news had given out false information .. so that proves the credibility of the news media.. so I do not believe anything they say.. and the news can not say who won the presidential election.. they said there was a confrontations between the Trump people and the thugs.. no the peaceful trump protestors were attacked..And no one broke into business and stole stuff.. like the Biden people do ..

  15. Why do people only die in the hospital from coronavirus ?? And the family having 6 people die from the coronavirus were all pretty heavy people.. stay away from fast food and sweets..

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  17. “It will go away like a miracle “
    Thanks Trump 😢😷

  18. Biden-Harris on People Magazine “Time to Unite”. Today Democrats calling me racist, when a year ago we were polite to each other?

  19. Joe Biden bragged about having “the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD organization” in history>>

  20. Covid 19 is really doing me a favor and i find it satisfying.

  21. getting drunk having sex, and watch movies then stay drunk, keep watching porn and from Hunter Biden's laptop that's on the dark web

  22. U.S. elections
    FYI: NO STATE has called the Presidential race for Joe Biden. Don't USE Google. LOW safeguards have helped ensure the LACK of integrity of OUR elections and THUS the results. Learn more!!!

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  24. The Official Statement of our Press Department was given: " UC Corp is not planning to transform a T-Virus into a C-Virus. UC Corp is and will never be interested in making ppl just feel ill and probably die on it. This virus didnt escape out of our facilities. The T-Virus also will never escape. it is totally unknown for u know, for ever… "hey wait where u from, where does this smell come, aargh stop biting… aargh

  25. Well, the election is over so the media needs stories. 🧐

  26. Go to the right side on YouTube to watch trump march live if want real news start watching new max

  27. I wish the recovery for all patient of covid.19

  28. Natural selection at its best.

  29. hilarious…I called bs from day one and I'm no genius. how folks still buy this low level retard propaganda is fascinating

  30. Liars It’s not true. fake test. Propaganda.

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