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ABC News Prime: COVID-19 US surge; Virus’ effects on doctors; US troops level out overseas

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  1. Please stop blue-red label of country. We are America!!$!


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  4. our low life canada govern mente and "news" channels wont even allow us to comment on the lies and lucifers filth they are gettin on with, and the dirty police who threaten anyone who isnt a child ruining liar like most of them are

  5. President Trump won't concede because it's FRAUD
    No war in 4 years
    No missile test from N Korea
    Peace in the middle east
    Gasoline only like $2 a gallon
    DOW reach 30,000 points
    COVID vaccines are available

  6. God bless the front line workers. 🙏💜🙏

  7. How does it Feel when other People are Hurting inside Deeply in Pain, till you get Cut Deeply inside does it not Hurt – Huh?

  8. 3 vaccines ready for production 95% efficient, under your daddy Trump administration. But Harris and Biden have been telling people they dont trust the vaccines.? Since before the elections.

  9. I've stayed home since march, wear masks when out, and care about others. I'm still waiting for so many people (covid deniers) to get on board so we, as a frign country, can get through the pandemic.

  10. I don't know why some officials are denying thé dying character of this virus, despite it costs nothing to use masks. May God keeps us alive !

  11. Every 1 agree's and talk about the treasonous, fraudulent acts and destruction of our Country, but he is still dismantling all he can, please get trump out of our / house b 4 he burns what is left, in addition he is hearding the Corona Virous with out the PEOPLE / COUNTRY agreeing

  12. What Trump is currently doing indirectly proves that he is a Putin's spy. Trump is trying to cause as much damage to American people as he can!

  13. I have a plant that grows on my property which I made tea from which I truly believe can beat COVID 19. This plant clear up cold in your body big time.

  14. Surprised that something like this can happen in america. Even in africa we are better organised to deal with this. Its starts with leadership

  15. Facebook and Twitter admitted they made mistakes on blocking many Trump team’s posts! Why never block Biden’s team? Not watching ABC news anymore, just here for comments.

  16. There's probably something wrong with the ocean and they need help escaping, maybe some should be taken out and checked out; check their blood for foreign debris molecules including plastics, check their behavior after they have clean water, check the vibrations of the ocean floor, check for plates shifting, check to see what's under there plates… Oh wait, I just remembered, it's in the hands of all the governments, not empathetic people… 😑🤦

  17. It would be sight to see this people wearing a red maga hat and a blue mask going to hospital for covid treatment.

  18. Since when does the government care so much about people you crisis stooges are full of sh!t…i smell bs..its your lies

  19. All the Fox hosts should be arrested

  20. You're saying covid cases are increasing in 'red' states where people aren't wearing masks. Earlier in the year most of the infections were in 'blue' states where people supposedly ARE wearing masks, so what is the difference?

  21. Trump's virus… anything to get re-elected you dirty rats… thank you WH hacks… we WILL remember what you did in January 2020

  22. One of the specified whistleblowers,  “machines installed in each county are pre-configured so that the expected turnout and two-pool results are synchronized.  For example, Biden received 50.9%, Trump 48.1%, and other candidates 1%.  In the process, you make a date as if there is contention and make people trustworthy.  In fact, it doesn't matter whether you voted for Mickey Mouse or who you voted for, because the software tells you what you voted for, not you.  The result is determined by the software.”  Please don't be fooled to believe ABC and they knew it.

  23. Smartest virus ever….it knew to crank back up right after the election to cover up the biggest cheat in American history!!

  24. "Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” Martin Luther King Jr.

  25. CCP virus became political game.

  26. American ppl pleas stop going for test they will kill you cous hospital making $ 70.000 Avery man or women to kill

  27. N95s save lives. A face covering will not protect you or others. Get a real NIOSH filtering face-piece to filter aerosolized virus. No beards, and loosely cover the exhalation valve type. You put HEPA filters on everything including vacuums, HVAC, cars etc., so put one on your face. If you want more protection than an N95, P100s are rated at 99.9% to 0.3um. Protecting yourself from infection stops the spread.

  28. Ever heard of TB and the third Reich? How Hitler used TB to purify the human race. Same playbook as before. Don't fall for it people. Wake up and warn others. I pray this finds you well.

  29. this is heartbreaking – Im in Australia. I still have people yelling at me from the USA that Covid is a hoax. At this point. WE have to step back and the hard lessons will be learned. Believe me – we did not want this and we do want to help. But so many have said to me – They dont want help.
    Our prayers that America learns fast and start to realise the reality of this virus and what it really is taking from you.
    Please please wake up – wear a mask. stay home. Your individual actions COUNT to the survivability of your countrymen and women. Protect those around you. Protect the future of the long haulers. Protect your country by doing your part and wearing a mask

  30. They are really getting to desperate to jam this fear down our throats. If we don't act now. Soon theyll only be 98% of us left.

  31. Don't leave any troupes in the Middle East

  32. Just get all of your troupes home

  33. Private schools need to close too because they are spreaders like other humans. When you live in a community, country, etc, you need to follow the laws for public health (or move to an island). Nobody wants your Covid-19 germs around for years because you are too selfish to care about human life!

  34. COVID19 CDC SCAM PCR NOT A TEST FOR HAVING COVID19 '' PCR detection of viruses is helpful so long as its accuracy can be understood: it offers the capacity to detect RNA in minute quantities, but whether that RNA represents infectious virus may not be clear.” A PCR test might find the virus it was looking for. This results in a PCR positive, but a crucial question remains: is this virus active, i.e. infectious, or virulent? The PCR alone cannot answer this question. The CEBM explains why culturing the virus is needed to answer this question:…….

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  36. I’m still sitting in the empty parking lot that used to be my job. I’m committing suicide with Covid and i guess it’s gonna take a little bit longer. I look forward to hell where I can be free again. Maybe next week

  37. When Will Humanity Wake Up?? A majority of Humanity Do Not want to believe Any Governments are involved in the Creation & Spread of Diseases. Unfortunately, the Documented Evidence Says Otherwise. Scientists have Forced Animals Diseases Across The Species Barrier Into Human Tissue Culture Cells to create new diseases, spread through Vaccinations Programs. Dr Robert B Strecker & Attorney Theodore Strecker, presented to the NSA, FBI, CIA, US Senate, US Congress, Governor’s of The States, Vice-President & President of the United States, the Documented Evidence of the Request, Production and use of AIDS, Cancers & other Diseases, spread through Vaccinations Programs, with their Historic Document, “This Is A Bio-Attack Alert”, March 28, 1986. Look it up and read it yourself. Until Humanity Demands an End To Man-Made Diseases, the Funding For The Creation Of Any Diseases and Laws To Ban Genetically Engineered Diseases & Bioweapons, they,ll just be back in the Labs Making Something Else.

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  39. Prayers for you all…. my heart hurts so much watching this 😢

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