ABC News Prime: Harry and Meghan’s car chase; TikTok banned in Montana; Artists weigh selling catalogs

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. This channel is pretty much all commercials & only seconds of real news, so I stopped watching it & will get the news elsewhere.

  2. This was such propaganda!!! This reporting was a joke !!!

  3. No they didn’t corner the market on ballads. Have u forgotten about REO Speedwagon and Journey?

  4. The media will always side with and give paparazzi the benefit of the doubt, however deplorable they are.

  5. the car chase claims are fake. Anyone who has been in Manhattan traffic is laughing their butts off at this claim. Walking gets you around faster than taking a vehicle, Police have also found no witnesses that support the harkles and a few that do the opposite. Scobie is a friend to Meghan, he is no royal expert or contributer

  6. What ? The student was suspended for reaching out to her mom ?
    This world is just weak on racial injustice. It will get worse unfortunately 😶😔

  7. Get an artificial location 😂 there's an app you can change you're location 😂

  8. Harry's mom was an Arabophile

  9. lol such nonsense and omid is so full of crap

  10. I've been to Antarctica (hence the fiord behind me) and it was about 50°f the entire 3 weeks I was out there, it was warmer in the Antarctica summer than a Connecticut January

  11. Megan Markle is THE WORST THING THAT COULD HAVE EVER HAPPENED TO Prince Harry. 😡 She/Megan and the Queen Consort are neck and neck in the race for wretchedness 😡

  12. No one needs to read about or see photos of Harry and Meghan. Have they tried trademarking their faces?

    There should be a list of websites and newspapers who fund these dangerous paparazzi. I will make sure I never click on them.

  13. ABC fake news! How can you even invite this vulgar person on your show! You are both so disgusting!

  14. I am shocked after reading some of these posts. Is everyone so use to seeing bad sh*t that they don't care if the press could kill someone for a photo? Where is your empathy? They have a right to their privacy.

  15. Another bla bla bla full of lies. Give us a dam break. You Hazbeen and Megabeen two. Not to mention Scobibeen.
    Why would the Royal family comment on a pack of lies. By the wsy Scobidoo don't comment on what you reckon on what you presume King Charles and other members of the Royal family ard thinking saying or not saying. You are way out of line there is no way you could ever know what the Royal family are thinking. Just shut it Scobbieboy. Or is it Scobbie–psychic–boy now.

  16. Princess Diana wasn't wearing a safety belt and driver was drunk

  17. BS why is the mayor backtracking

  18. What chase? Even the Mayor and Whoopee doubted it.

  19. what rubbish he talks

  20. Good luck for GOP party…..losing many senat seats 2024 after raise-debt ceiling default.

  21. I love Diana but you neglected to report her driver had been drinking that night

  22. Tiktok should be banned everywhere.

  23. Why don’t they stop they’re not that important no one is chasing them at high speed in New York traffic no happening. People have better things to do then think about you two get over yourselfs

  24. Ps they called backgrid an nutflux to get footage. Nutflux admitted they hired freelancers to film them an mattress told them what to do but scooby doesnt mention that. There is no price on their heads so just stop with the drama.

  25. What cracks me up they were stuck in a cab behind a garbage truck an the security guy got out to tell the paparazzi to stop when polce were at least 3 to 4 cars behind them tring to respond to a call. You ruined this by letting the Snarkels mouthpiece scooby givig his opinion.

  26. The videos show how aggressive the paparazzi were behaving. There should be laws against this.

  27. Why don’t yo7 report on the fact Megan called the Pavarotti to get them to take their pictures but then did not want them to take the pictures. Harry most likely did not know about her plan. All of this is a lie! Don’t let them get away with this.

  28. Princess Dianna was the people princess. The USA loved her like the UK. M and H are no where near the upstanding status as her. I can't imagine in paps or anyone wanting pics of them bad enough to cause a near catastrophic event to get them. Do they even know the def of catastrophic? I hate they use her and the death of her to try to get the status she had. Neither will ever be that sought after. She poured her life into being the people's princess. H and M poured their life into making everyone dislike them….

  29. It is all fabricated

  30. You can't believe the dastardly duo or their mouth piece who said he never met haz yet helped write finding b.s. Now he is claiming oh yes they were in extreme danger just another ploy to get everyone but themselves to pay for their security.

  31. I bet he has PTSD from his mom passing. I wish people would just leave them alone. Leave them alone.

  32. Harry is trying to get better security!! So he doesn't have to pay himself.

  33. Meghan hires back grid all the time. Look it up

  34. Shame on you ABC.!!!! Can't believe you are giving scobie a platform.

  35. Walmart stores are empty in big cities. Remember they closed many stores. Maybe they could house boarder crossers.

  36. It’s disgusting to hear this guy perpetuating their lies

  37. Another thing, are you really interviewing that clown, Oba scoby, he'll say anything Megan and Harry tell him to say, you should get better people to interview on your show. Now that's if you want the truth about what happened.

  38. Harry and Meghan Liars Liars Liars, they think everybody's stupid, nobody was chased for 2 hours, if you've ever been in New York the traffic you know that it moves very slowly, it's impossible they have a 2-hour Chase it's ridiculous, Megan set it all up, they're a lot of gullible people out there that will believe her, don't let her Gaslight you.