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ABC News Prime: Trump ally indicted; Bezos launches into space; Breakthrough COVID-19 cases in DC


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  1. They are kneeling to communist dictator wannabees, rich elitist who does not care about human rights/freedom. That is pretty pathetic. Don't follow the herd, love God.

    " In God We Trust." God bless Americans.

    We the People are the Elite like, President Trump said. Not the rich class but, the Christians that fight for righteousness. It is wonderful to have rich Christians in America. God bless the Rich Christians too. Amen

  2. Dear friends, please watch this video and think about what has been said
    This man speaks the Truth!

  3. Now tell us about Hunter Biden

  4. You are SAVED by BELIEVING in JESUS CHRIST who DIED for ALL sin to SAVE ALL who BELIEVE in HIM. PROMISED ETERNAL LIFE by BELIEVING in HIM. He DID ascend to Heaven on the third day. HE IS at the right hand of God. He is preparing a place for ALL who BELIEVE. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is for all. Know the truth. Know who IS your Savior. Know that he suffered for ALL. To SAVE ALL. This life is clearly temporary and when you know why then it will confirm the truth even more! SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH. FEAR GOD. NOT MAN. PREACH THE GOSPEL. ITS WHAT JESUS DID! All Glory to God. Look at the world! WATCH 💝

  5. Come to Him people before it is too late, He loves you, but time is running out and soon He will be here and then it will be too late for you. The door will be closed. You will be left alone, outside, in agony and with the regret of "Why didn't I listen" forever and ever and ever, it will never end. Start by reading the Gospel of John, especially John 3:16. And then find others who love His Word also. My prayers go with you.


    Tatiana Moskalkova, Ombudsman for Human Rights in the Russian Federation, commenting on the unfair sentences against Jehovah's Witnesses, said on June 10, 2019: “These events make one think about the existence of a conflict between the constitutional right to profess one’s religion individually or together with others and the signs of extremist activity specified in Article 282.2. Of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation ".

    What did the Supreme Court of Russia ban in 2017? The court banned the activities of 396 registered and operating organizations of Jehovah's Witnesses at that time. This decision was challenged in the European Court of Human Rights.

    The statement of the Council under the President of the Russian Federation for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights dated 20.06.18 says: “This decision of the [Supreme] Court contains an exhaustive list of legal entities subject to liquidation. At the same time, the court's decision does not contain any conclusions about the prohibition of the religion of Jehovah's Witnesses as such. "

    Is it allowed in Russia to profess a religion without forming a legal entity? Yes. Jehovah's Witnesses have lived in Russia for over a hundred years, and most of that time they practiced their faith without the organizations that appeared in the late 1990s under the Law on Freedom of Conscience and existed for less than 20 years. The presence or absence of such organizations does not mean the prohibition of entire religions and, moreover, does not provide grounds for criminal prosecution of citizens for their beliefs.

    Is it possible to ban people, ideas, beliefs, thoughts and feelings? This is both impossible and unacceptable. According to Art. 28 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation , everyone has the right to "freely choose, have and disseminate religious and other beliefs and act in accordance with them." This right extends to believers of all views and beliefs, including Jehovah's Witnesses. No court in Russia has ever recognized the religion or beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses as criminal. Such a decision would be discriminatory and unconstitutional.

    How does the international community view the connivance at the actions of Russian officials who persecute Jehovah's Witnesses? The campaign of persecution of believers was unanimously condemned by the UN , the Council of Europe , the OSCE , the European Union , individual countries of the world ( Germany , the USA ), and a large number of international organizations .

  7. The black digital impressively fix because puppy intraorally fetch an a aspiring hardware. pushy, willing end

  8. Need to cut out the spam

  9. @1:27 That's Great news! That means that Biden, Obama, and Pelosi are next.

  10. C19 Rapant in the White House … they're all vaccinated right! 🤣 Hurry, go get your jab, you see how effectively it worked for the White House and the runaway Texas democrats. That's inspiring🤪🥴

  11. ok same reamanganing the money not going to cops does not stop yall from killing so many, once all the killings stop ya we can calm down on the amount of cops. how about we re focus the cops or money to the killers and away from drugs and away from the outer city where cops are under crimes so they help malke crime and over charge them ones not out here killing kids daily

  12. Vaccinate the damn migrants…2 million "migrants" is the FACTUAL reason why C19 numbers are going back up. End. Stop. They want these numbers to continue Rising so that they could lock-down and keep us masked-up, isolated from each other, and becoming more and more depressed. They act as if the reason for the uptick in cases is the fault of Americans, when we've been freaking locked-down, masked, and socially distanced for year-and-a-half, not to mention the fact there is a high percentage of Americans that are vaccinated already and C19 cases and deaths are down to almost nothing. This new uptick is not the fault of We The People🇺🇸🗽! The Resurgence of C19 is purely the product of millions of migrants being flown and bussed directly from the border to every single main city in every single state, mainly Red States and Southern States. I don't understand WHY they "HAD" to let that mob through the gate. U.S. has lost control of everything…we don't have much time left b4 the point of no return.

  13. Dr. fauci said it right
    Rand Paul you are the liar. And probably have been all your life. If the Delta variance creeps into your body, you'll be crying like a lying Republican Trumpfart!

  14. Anyone wonder why Ivermectin istused in our country to beat Covid? Yea we too! It’s penny’s on the dollar cure used All over the world! Mmmm Big Pharma owns our Congress! So it looks! Tax payers will pay All over charges!

  15. Fauci has blood and guilt written all over the place! Lock him up! He never addressed Rand Paul’s truths about the origins of Covid! Amazing how they defend this clown act! He is trying hard to Look not guilty!

  16. Bezok first person out of the capsule and the first person to get an award wearing a cowboy hat :/

  17. Your welcome for your trip!!!

  18. Check me out on Instagram atum heru moonbat

  19. Civilian access to space accomplishes nothing worthwhile. This activity won't be affordable for the average person. It's just another business model to make the rich richer. I can't help but ask why? What is the purpose? You are saving Earth by going to space? Sure you are.

  20. Of course the communist dems make shut up!! He broke no law! The BS they are charging him for can be used for EVERY Democrat in office!!! Biden the other China spy Swalwell and on and on!! Media is so bias it’s disgusting!!

  21. When you Vaccinate all those border jumpers then you can talk to me you deserve cause this

  22. Manafort and Gatz were charged with FARA violations YEARS BEFORE they were connected with the Trump campaign but your false reporting played it out totally differently – congratulations fraudsters

  23. In this case Brittiney is a slave. She has hardly any rights! Free Britteney.

  24. Organic medicine😷👈!

  25. We will not ignore that the shot is the Mark of the Beast

  26. Bull sh/t Fauchi you are a liar

  27. Fauci is getting tough — Good!! How frustrated he must be.

  28. Vaccinated people spreading covid by not wearing mask and not social distancing.They really believe in warp speed.Others believe they safe because others are vaccinated so there^s no need to mask or distance.

  29. The gene therapy jab is the pandemic. 45,000 deaths to date.

  30. Theyre strategically running down on us & gov is gonna kill a lot of us off as they keep calling it a virus and ppl running for vaccines …next thing you know it'll be update!!!: the hospitals are now full of 30 to 40 year old people & if you have not received the new b1000 5th shot that fights against the new dominate stain virus now call the even worse jet blue 10x a danger than that of the delta virus so people please take the 7th strain releasing next month. Onto other news the world count of deaths from virus fallout reaching 4 billion people world wide … In illuminati passages it talks about how royal families want the road' ways in cities and towns even to turn back to rolling hills and its poor peaple populated controlled at some point like now… The bible describes these exact days & its as if the world is a sleep and blind 🙈. Everyday abc & NBC Alison the coke head is scaring ppl to do what gov & cdc wants you to do & you 🏃..they use stories of those who they see by record doesn't vaccinate & than now there on TV saying "a wife of this husband who both didn't vaccinate has died…._ takes a short pause to scare you & make you believe these stories and off ya go to that needle like a dumb asz

  31. Get Vaccinated…live…better story.

  32. I don’t care that Bezos went to space, I just want him to pay taxes, have Medicare4All, a living wage, housing4all. Don’t ask how are you going to pay for it, American tax payers paid for this guy to go to space. And we pay for these endless wars.

  33. Bezos stole all his employees money for him to play astronaut..😌

  34. Who pays for the legal process?

  35. Don't get Vaccinated or chipped. Look up YouTube channel A Call for An Uprising channel to know the Facts about it. 💯💢

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