Academy Apologizes To Sacheen Littlefeather Nearly 50 Years Later

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences issued an apology to the Native American activist and actor Sacheen Littlefeather almost 50 years after she received backlash for declining Marlon Brando’s Oscar at the 1973 awards show. The act was in protest of the entertainment industry’s depiction of Native Americans.

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  1. Wow it only took almost 50 years 😒😒

  2. Apologize, apologize for what? The reason goes along with what is wrong in this country. Inpaticular largely news. Apologizing for unproven actuations. You can only lie for as long people believe you.

  3. Only 2 people booing her…. (she had to expect it) Duh!! Marlon Brando should’ve been the one apologizing to her!

  4. If the alleged abuse by John Wayne took place in 1973, why didn't anyone talk about it and write a story about it until 6 years after Wayne died from cancer?

  5. Many of those racist POS celebrities who boo her are still alive today also the academy still pretty racist. Nothing much has changed

  6. She is too good for Hollywood, and how she accepts the apology after 50 years is true class, a person of high caliber. I could not have done it.

  7. I was able to go through my blockchain account while using maskoffweb on youtube they also gave me 1.2btc to my wallet

  8. Thank Goodness Sir Roger Moore was presenting. As an English Gentleman with some class he had the good grace to withdraw the award.
    Those disgusting bits of excrement that booed her are just that.
    If they are no longer with us perhaps they enjoy breaking rocks in severe heat in the afterlife. And John Wayne??? Hmmmm!!

  9. They're trying to cash in their PC points, they literally didn't care until just now?

  10. Apologies mean nothing when there is no change. I understand the world is growing however, this mindset is completely accepted worldwide. If it's not natives, it's immigrants and everyone not of the social construct

  11. What was she upset about again?

  12. Isn't she brave? Having to live with a few people booing her. How did she cope?
    P.S. I use to really respect all of the American award shows, now I loathe them. And this "apology" just shows how pathetic the Oscars have become.

  13. Majority of the audience is alive and controls Hollywood today. Hypocrisy of the modern elite. Racist and horrible yesterday and projects it onto others today.

  14. Marion Michael Morrison Always

  15. How Dare they
    What A bunch of Boogers

  16. She is part of Domestic Terrorist Group that Over ran Alkatraz..Yea No Way do you get an apology..
    And the Indian Casino s Need to Go,
    Mexican Mophia Money Laundering Ingenes

  17. I don’t care if brown eyed boogers don’t like that

  18. Indian with a feather not a fit
    And they are Not Native Americans
    They are INDIAN s

  19. And Besides the Academy use to Have an Ethic motto
    No GANGSTER Roles No Matter how well played we’re Not to Be Glamorized-nor Would allow Any Criminal Gangster role to receive an Award of Any kind especially Oscar..

  20. It was warranted and Keeping the Savage Heathens Out Of Our Spaces and Kept In Their s..
    Our Fore Fathers Knew this unfortunately Our youth is corrupted and is Learning..

  21. Incredible…. Brando might be proud …RIP legend.

  22. Back When Hollywood was Talented

  23. How Dare these Institutions Apologize for Our Fore Fathers and Ancestor s,
    They were The Ones Smart enough to recognize and Keep the Savage Heathens in their places and OUT of ours

  24. Native Americans do nothing but complain and make racist insults against Europeans

  25. if the oscars were officially “sorry” about their behavior towards sacheen. they would’ve done it a long time ago.

  26. "The Land of Free Speech"

  27. “I don’t know if I should present this award on behalf of all the cowboys shot in all the John Ford westerns over the years.” -Clint Eastwood after listening to the illiterate Littlefeather comments.

  28. Good. She didn't deserve to be treated that way in the first place.

  29. Too little, too late Hollywood! 😂

  30. People are so stupid. Native Americans have entertained us for centuries. Marlon Brando was cynical to send that woman to his dirty work. He was a coward for not taking the stage and doing it himself. More proof that racism is created were it does not exist…