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Ace Hood, Rapper & Health & Fitness Guru, Gave Up Soul Food To Get 6-Pack Abs | Body Of Work

Ace Hood is not only a rapper, but a health & fitness guru who used the gym and healthy eating habits to transform his body. #BodyOfWork

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  1. Respect for youre disipline
    Love from amsterdam

  2. i just LOOOOVE when a brutha is CALM Cool Collected Lay back & Articulate like Ace Hood. (NO GIMMICKS)

  3. superb interview . very articulate..impressive all round messaging

  4. He looks like a good father thats great to see

  5. Ace hood done matured up!! I like that, good too see! I'm from Ft. Lauderdale myself.

  6. I feel like Ace Hood didn't get everything he was supposed to get. Dj Khalid helped him alot but he ditched him once he was given the spotlight

  7. Congrats young man🍾🥂✊🏿🔥🔥


  9. Love his story…FIT life babyyyyy

  10. Hit them legs more bro. Calves and quads should be wayyy bigger than that

  11. I just gotta say some shit just aint for everybody as far as the working out and eating lifestyle i love food and healthcare

  12. Soul food is a stupid name for food.. Why would you not feed your children veggies?

  13. How can he stand dragging that long hair around everywhere?

  14. Great for him but You contradict yourself speaking about health when you wrap and poison to our youth and always calling someone the N-word in your songs you give me a good IReason to be proud that you decided to eat your vegetables and put the pork away

  15. I hope his rolex bezel game healthy too.

  16. A Bro being positive for his children with character and dignity sure I understand why yall hating on him, u have no 💵👈 or love for the next generation of children or even your children 💯

  17. The glad you’re into fitness… because that rapping wasn’t it 🥴

  18. This is inspiring… This Popeyes sandwich isn't even all that. https://youtu.be/Vu4X4Gfzfd8

  19. Wow. Much respect bro! That's real! I appreciate this video. Keep grindin' Ace!!

  20. he done went from thug to bodybuilder wha happen to his voice used to be cool now proper he still look like a weird teen tho

  21. Big up Ace hood I also work out and iWork hard

  22. hood been cut since day 1

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