Actress #AnneHeche Is In Stable Condition After Her Car Into A Los Angeles Home

Anne Heche is in stable condition, a spokesperson said a day after she crashed her car into a #LosAngeles home.

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  1. She nodded off with her foot on the gas. Praying for her.

  2. She isn't stable! Is on vent to breathe for her, in coma and extensive burns…see what drinking and driving does for ya Anne?

  3. Could you give an update on the poor woman in the house. Where the vehicle ended up 2ft away from her? She lost everything. I wish someone would care about her as she is 100% THE VICTIM here!!!!!

  4. Was he he under the influence

  5. Police would have ordered a full drug screen had that been you or I, let's see what happens here. 🤔

  6. Almost sounds like she was hitting the brakes the whole time?

  7. Seems like she was for sure trying to off herself. She just failed to choose a solid ending point. The house had too much give. Crazy stuff.

  8. Nobody is gonna mention the tire squeal sound for the whole duration of the video? Was she drifting or what?

  9. Such a Tragedy, all the way around! I hope Anne and any others who were injured, have very speedy recoveries! I realize her insurance should pay for the property damage, but the loss of someone's Life's Mementoes is just so sad! Please get help Anne! I remember you from your dual role on Another World!! I hope you aren't still trying to live one? as maybe you won't …………

  10. I wonder what the best opportunities to invest now are, there are opinions but a little later I find out these opinions don't matter as a totally different turn of events play out with the stocks they discussed therein…

  11. What's wrong with these crazy women

  12. Celebrity culture needs to die. Stop worshipping these people

  13. I dont even know how she made it out of the wreckage still alive. If she recovers she ought to be prosecuted and have her license taken away.

  14. I had an acquaintance in school that did the same thing, bad breakup with the boyfriend, speeding through a neighborhood, she ran over a fire hydrant and ended up in someone's den. She got away with it, she was never charged with anything.

  15. As soon as she recovers, she needs license pulled. Rich people….

  16. So much hate and judgement before the facts are known ☹️

  17. Handcuff her to the rails The white Privilege is in full swing drunk washed up B actress

  18. ALCOHOL !!!!! POISON !!!!!

  19. Cruzin down the street in my 64…..

  20. Dam, she was flying down the road. Hopefully this time she will be prosecuted

  21. She was flying. I wonder if she had a medical emergency or was just reckless

  22. Screw the people in the house. Prayers and hopes to the actress. I hope for speedy recovery!

  23. Who cares… she ain’t the victim

  24. Why isn't there more coverage of the woman who's house was destroyed by this entitled, rich lady? This was a very small house & she demolished it in seconds. Why didn't she crash into her own house? I say let this woman & her animals go live in Anne's house until her home is rebuilt. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  25. She has severe burns, severe pulmonary injuries and is in a coma, on which planet would that be considered stable condition?




  27. People are worried about the actress who was recklessly driving in a neighborhood. How about the people (who may have been) in the house Anne set ablaze.

  28. 1st comment: Thank God that she's in stable condition! ❤️🙏