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Actress Catherine Deneuve hospitalized in Paris

The 76-year-old is reportedly being treated for a minor stroke and is expected to make a full recovery, her family said.


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  1. Abc is run by f 4 g g e t s

  2. Fck that old hag what about the Epstein story you people hid

    Abc protects pedophiles

  3. The news ABC REPORTS vs. Suppressed PEDOPHILE RING story 3 years prior is damning.

  4. No prayers no sympathy. Nothing for the rich.

  5. That Brazilian pool boy must have really been giving it to her. She stroked out. She probably was planning to go out with a bang.

  6. Wishing you good luck and praying.

  7. Epstein got less coverage 😂😂

  8. +++ DUMP TRUMP NOW +++ President NO, Dictator & Putin Collaborator YES – all he touches turns to sh!t ! How many more countries / allies will he f.ck up before he relinquishes control over the USA ?

  9. Oh no! Hope she gets better soon!

  10. Muir’s basic French pronouncing is of course complete American Idiot and it’s insulting to not pronounce such an impressive and prolific artists name correctly but it’s completely as expected

  11. I had a "Stroke" (3) years ago. I'm sending Catherine, a lot of warm wishes and prayers ♥️ I'm still Recovering & know what She's going through. Yet, I am Blessed to be Alive & She, is as well♥️

  12. Hopefully she recovers just as fast as this report wrapped up.

  13. Who wants to bet she was snorting coke off of the boners of little boys moments before her stroke? 🤔

  14. I thought it was adelle! Fuhhhh….

  15. Praying for fast recovery 🙏❤

  16. She's as beautiful as ever! Prayers for her speedy recovery.

  17. Sending love and prayers from California!!!!! ❣😃

  18. I am sorry to hear about Catherine Deneuve's hospitalization. My prayers are with her and I wish her a speedy recovery.

  19. Dear ABC News,
    Did you seriously just upload a :27 second video but had to spend :17 seconds in this clip telling us to subscribe to your channel??? Then you had the audacity to try n tell us how to watch more of your videos, as if we dont already know how to do that! We are smarter than you think we are, so kindly stop telling us to subscribe. Humanity doesn't need more subscribers, humanity needs more homes so that homeless person can have a bed tonight and you dont have to walk down the street today and have to listen to that homeless man/woman talking to themselves.
    I dont mean to type a novel here, but I fucking hate how moronically idiotic every person is. Food doesn't need money. A bed doesnt need money. If it's free to kill that cow, then it better be free to eat that cows meat!!! An apple seed doesnt ask for money in order for that seed to sprout into an apple tree. If it's free to grow an apple seed into an apple tree, then it better be free to eat all those apples from that apple tree.

  20. @ABC News protects wealthy powerful pedophiles

  21. You could save your reputation by releasing the news report you've keep prepared in secret for 3 years. Maybe we could start there. Epstein. Start talking, ABC. Do the right thing.

  22. Thumbs down till you cover Epstein.

  23. Oh LOOK, this vid even features ABC's George Stephanopoulos, known friend and guest of pedophile, EPSTEIN.

  24. That will make the breaking news. Just not Epstein.

  25. How can anyone trust you. You child molester protectors.

  26. ABC is run by pedophiles

  27. Very tragic. But what about all the young victims that suffered under Epstein. Why would ABC kill such a story and protect such evil men? Is the ABC brass connected to Epstein in some way?

  28. I wish you a speedy recovery Catherine. 💙💙💙

  29. Anything to escape reporting on the fact that children were raped due to ABC news cover up

  30. She was slick in The Hunger with David Bowie & 🎶 by Bauhaus ! 😎.

  31. Sending love and preys all the way from NewZealand 💞💞

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