Addiction 101: How opioids, cocaine, other drugs rewire the brain 🧠| Just The FAQs

Whether it’s cocaine, vaping or even your phone, addiction can alter your brain without you even being aware.

Addiction is a disease that can and does affect people of all walks of life. It all starts by doing a drug or drinking and cements itself by rewiring your brain.

Different types of addiction require different types of treatment. There are drug, alcohol and behavioral addictions and all can come with physical or mental addictions.

While all addiction will wreak havoc on your life, we’ve put together a guide to understanding the different types.

Unlike what most people think, drug addiction can start even if you are taking prescription pills as directed. On the other hand, as most people know, illegal drugs also play a part in drug addiction.

Long term use of any drug can cause changes to your brain. With these changes, your brain starts to think it needs the drug in the same way it needs food and water.

There are different types of drugs that cause different effects on your body. Stimulants for example, like cocaine, meth, and other amphetamines give you an increase in alertness. Depressants, like oxycodone, Xanax, and benzodiazepines cause a feeling of relaxation.

People tend to gravitate toward one or the other, depending on why they are self-medicating.

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