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Aerials show how Hurricane Sally pummeled Orange Beach, Alabama and Florida panhandle | USA TODAY

Hurricane Sally pummels AL Gulf, FL pahandle.

Hurricane Sally toppled boats and ripped walls and roofs from structures along Florida’s panhandle and Alabama Gulf Coast.

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  4. hurricanes do not even look real anymore!

  5. local Floridians on the Gulf knew Sally was going to hit us !!! We know Beta is coming our way too. tell a fool something fool !!!

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  8. Doesn't look so bad the way you filmed it – why not back off and show the visual context of this damage…

  9. So, is the Trump boat parade on for Saturday this week.

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  11. maybe use all the loose lumber lying around to build homes for the homeless, eh ???

  12. Carbon tax is not the solution to the problem.

  13. Time to move away from the coast. Storms are getting more unpredictable, anf devastating. I wouldn't be surprised if the coastal areas go under in 2050.

  14. Some people lived on the boats too.

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