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Affordable New Years Eve Outfit Lookbook | Fashion Mumblr AD

An Affordable Lookbook with Five Outfit Ideas for New Year’s Eve! Links for each item down below!
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In Collaboration with Jewellerybox :

Videography by the fabulous Tommy Reynolds :

: : Look One : :

Gold Sparkly Heels :

Gold Bag (Similar) :

White Coat :

Velvet Jumpsuit :

Birthstone Ring :

Double Band Ring :

Hammered Heart Necklace :

Gold Knot Earrings :

Pearl Bracelet –

Eye Bracelet –

: : Look Two : :

Boots –

Gold Dress –

Star Bracelet –

Karma Circle Bracelet –

Snowflake Necklace –

: : Look Three : :

Sequin Dress :

Black Boots :

Crystal Bracelet –

Pearl Pull Through Earrings –

: : Look Four : :

Bronze Dress –

Pearl & Gold Earrings –

: : LOOK FIVE : :

Pink Velvet Bodysuit :

Pink Pleated Skirt :
(GOLD version in the sale :

Nude Croc Bag :

Crystal Pull Through Earrings :

Yellow Gold Crystal Bracelet :

Faux Fur Camel Coat :


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  1. wow, I love your velvet outfit, so luxurious! please more of it!

  2. New YouTube I made a nye look book come check it out ❤️❤️❤️

  3. The first pair of shoes🔥🔥

  4. My absolute fave is number 5 so gorgeous!!! It's exactly something I would wear!! Great video!

  5. My favorite outfit is number 3 but, you look wonderful in all of them

  6. Liking the more candid approach to your filming. You seem to be getting more comfortable with having fun and letting go. ❤️🎈

  7. Soooo beautiful! Thank you soooo much for all of the hard work you do! You videos are so well planned and consistently so classy and beautiful. I have to say again, you have such a sweet face and that joy comes through your videos.

  8. Those gold sparkly bow heels are adorable ❤️💖

  9. in the look five ad were did you get the bodysuit from please

  10. where can I get that pink bodysuit from your links for the bodysuit do not work

  11. the websites do not work

  12. I'm soooo in love with look 3 and 5

  13. tu es tres jolie i luv u josie

  14. Lovely looks and video. Did I spot the University of Greenwich campus as the backdrop for look 3? 😍

  15. such gorgeous outfits, I love that jumpsuit on you!

  16. You and your outfits are gorgeous! I'm in love with those sparkly shoes 😉 💗 I subbed

  17. where is this place that sge shoot the video?

  18. This was totally filmed at my uni!

  19. You looked prettier than ususal in all the outfits! Liked.

  20. I absolutely love the fact that you don't use a Vaseline lens for your close-ups like 90% of other vloggers which in my opinion just looks fake. You look natural and real with the lense you use and i think you are all the more beautiful for doing so. I love your vlogs, please make more.

  21. You know your outfits are about 80$ each

  22. Love this lookbook, hope for more👍🏻

  23. The jumpsuit and coat won me over in #1. You looked cold without the coat, but it was cute!

  24. Omg I've been eyeing that gold dress from missguided and you just so happen to be wearing it. You look so lovely in it x

  25. Look 2 boots.
    Look 3 dress.
    Look 5 fur.

  26. OH MY GOD i love all of them its amazeballs

  27. Saw something today and thought of you, M&S are doing a silver coloured dachshund ring holder 💚

  28. love your lookbooks thanks for this one because I'm having a party and didn't know what to wear.📷💙👗

  29. you look stunning. Really liked the first outfit

  30. The last one is winning! I'm totally in love!

  31. You always make me wanna dress up and look more glamourous, and then i just end up in sweatpants cause i never look as good as you!!!!

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