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After 37 years, trooper makes emotional final radio call

Trooper Mark Gilberg started his job with the Arizona Department of Public Safety on March 11, 1981. 37 years later, he signs off one last time.

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  1. Good Man now time to enjoy the life family friends and fishing 🙂

  2. This here is what humanity is about…. Service to others…. If only we all would stop making demands of others, which is due to self-centeredness and pride and just serve each other, this world would be such a better place… Enjoy your retirement Sir.

  3. Rumor has it he got hit by a bus 2 days later going to get the newspaper. Is that true ??

  4. It's a sad day when you can no longer shoot innocent blacks and have an unfortunate bodycam malfunction seconds before the event!

  5. 37yrs of being a communist…not impressed.

  6. Thank you for your service keep that head up and keep dreaming

  7. My birthday is March 29th 😁😁

  8. I might sound dumb but why does human have to get old .

  9. Congratulations…you finished well.

  10. This made me cry and I don't cry that much

  11. Good luck brother 👍 I waish I had a work like that

  12. Thank you for your service sir. Enjoy your retirement. Thank you for keeping us safe when so many are so ungrateful. May God bless you and your family.

  13. First thank you for your service sir you've impacted in a positive manner hundreds maybe perhaps thousands of lives! Well done! Anybody down thumbing this video you need to really check yourself!

  14. I wish you best officer, this important job the communities in Arizona and elsewhere! Good cops is heroes all the times, but the bad ones the human beings always cursing them!

  15. Just imagine if someone said: "RTO Only!!" LOL

  16. "law enforcement" officers are nothing more than jackbooted thugs. they take an oath to uphold the US constitution and then turn right around and participate in wholesale destruction of individual liberty and the rights to life and happiness of American citizens. people are imprisoned for collecting rainwater on their own property. babies are burned alive by flashbangs and innocent people die in droves as paramilitary SWAT units descend on nonviolent offenders. SWAT raids have increased from several thousand per year nationwide to upwards of 50k per year nationwide since the 1980s. people are imprisoned for a variety of so-called crimes where all parties are consenting adults who willingly participate in the activities for which they are arrested and there is no victim. they have a duty to refuse to enforce unconstitutional laws which they uniformly shirk. all you bootlickers make me sick. anyone who wears a badge in America today is an enemy of the People

  17. A man who cries is not less of A MAN. But more of.a human being.

  18. My Brotha I retired 2 years ago and its not easy but we made it! God Bless!!! Texas Deputy ⭐

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