Sunday , November 1 2020
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After impeachment, will Adam Schiff suffer political consequences?

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton shares his insights on the impeachment trial, the FBI investigations and the FISA court. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Treason goes unpunished now???
    A clear coup on the POTUS unpunished???

  2. The squad and Pelosi Schumer Shifty Nadler and 99 percent of Democrats need to go!!! I am so sick and tired of seeing the crap they continue to do to our awesome President and this wonderful country!! They need to go we need to stand up for our President and country . They have shown that they are only out for themselves just when I think they will not go any lower they prove me wrong! I love this country and our awesome President Donald Trump and he loves this country and it's citizens May God bless America and the very best President ever President Donald Trump MAGA 2020 !!! They need to be held accountable for their actions treasonous trash is what they are

  3. I hope so. I'd vote/support that. Someone send him the bill.

  4. Schiff, oh he will be looked at for his lies!

  5. The Democratic Party is cruel,evil, lies and disgraceful and they don’t care about anyone,evil and they’re not a shame to show it.

  6. I am looking to Jesus to wrap this all up…and He will…sooner than later!

  7. Totally agree, but Lou, don't invite someone onto the show and talk over them! Let the man speak!

  8. Abolish the senate abolish the presidency ! The present should be removed from office!

  9. Adam Schiff to "suffer political "consequences". For what? Doing the right thing?

  10. Minority report was a movie that arrested people from committing crimes in the future and if this is the kind of world that this people are living in, then I must say ,we are in grave danger if the rest of the government that exist in this here reality do nothing to stop this people this reality of theirs might as well come true, because to sit back and do nothing against people like that is to cooperate with them, this people are and want to continue destroying the very thing we believe in ,from the religion all the way down to the day we Americans came up with the idea of creating this government .

  11. Really bad interviewer, wont let his guest talk.

  12. SCHIff will be in jail for his crimes against Little boys!

  13. Democ🐀Rats comes to Gov just for corrupted & President Trump is right there they can't corrupted like use to be for over 30 years!! Democ🐀Rats must goes investigates themselves!!

  14. Breaking News! Adam Schiff has proof that Donald Trump burned down Cheryl’s she shed.

  15. Dems constantly insult our intelligence.Constantly…

  16. The Dems can positively say now, that the President is Squeaky Clean!

  17. POTUS is being hassled by the (deep state) MAN !
    And for some reason, the delusional Dems don't think Americans can see it.

  18. I think the justice department is brown-nosing the dnc.

  19. Shifty shif Isa shame to our country I am upset at Trump as well that he takes such abuse and deosnt take action for justice

  20. First time I've heard anywhere that the FISA judges where corrupt.
    I've been saying that for 2 years.

  21. The Senate under Leader McConnell rail-roaded the Impeachment Trial. Went into it with a closed mind. Now Foxx News is trying to rail-road the House Managers. What a biased station !!!!😱😱😱

  22. 2 Tier Standards.
    Very rich one.
    Personally I would Stake my life on it. The Dems. Are Guided by more Powerful Entities.
    Dived and Conquer American people Against
    America People. Another (CIVAL WAR) All the Corrupted Cabal are Forgotten.
    EPSTEIN And Co. Everything is put to the Side and they can Breath Again.
    13:33 …….€ THE ENTITY.

  23. 66,000 sealed indictments are about to be opened up ! Suck it up Dem,s ! Reap what you planted !

  24. Schiff for brains and all the other Libs need to be arrested and tried for treason……

  25. I didn’t know Dicks come with ears. 👎

  26. He should. Caught lying 3 times that I know about. 1st Russia, 2nd impeachment, 3rd on TV lying to the American people and when questioned he said it was a "parody" VOTE HIM OUT

  27. It feels like America is showing its colours
    Racism is okay, ignoring issues about muslims despite 1st amendment and only concerned impeachment and climate change for losing money.

  28. I dont see anything happening… noboys is going to vote him out. His constituents hate Trump. They like to hear lies. Nobody will be held accountable im sure that all the lies he has told are not even fact checked by all the far left fact checkers that the president's jokes…

  29. Malicious Prosecution is a crime. What Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi, Waters, AOC, Omar are doing constitutes Malicious Prosecution. Ongoing harassment and baseless allegations is the definition of Malicious Prosecution. Hold them all accountable for this and prosecute them. GITMO awaits. ie: Double Jeopardy

  30. He will not because he followed the constitution.

  31. Adam AHOLE Schiff…expelled him from office.

  32. Please, their has to be some sort of justice coming down the pike for this president & his family & the American people, our political system I don't think should operate this way, if so God help us all.

  33. I doubt it. The morons that voted Schiff in to begin with will vote him back in again! Hire the mentally handicapped!

  34. Dear Adam ,,,,,I am very proud of you for trying to save our country,,, and fox and all your lying people shame on you,,, your kids will know what you did,,,, in the future there will not be a republican, not a party any more,, you creeps and fake f. News,,,,god help us,, judy

  35. If Pelosi, Nadler, and Schiff were in a sinking ship who would be saved….America

  36. Does anyone really trust, let alone care about him?

  37. Nothing will come of any investigation. A very convenient pandemic will have halted everything.

  38. He is now saying that if Trump isnt impeached he may sell Alaska to Russia to effect 2020 election!!!! Certifiably insane.

  39. One word,GITMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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