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AG Barr calls on Facebook to limit message-encryption plans

FOX Business’ Jackie DeAngelis reports on Attorney General William Barr pressing Facebook with regards to privacy. Then, a ‘Bulls & Bears’ panel covers the security vs. liberty debate that comes with Facebook’s plans.

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  1. Good Lord. He is too freaky. Get him off the air. And if their is a warrant their should be a back door.

  2. Yeahhhh, no Barr just no. What I do in the privacy of my home is my business likewise same for what I talk to friends and family about on FB Messenger. Sure some of it is crude but that doesnt mean you get to read through it all smh

  3. Encrypted for whom? Seriously if you trust these people you are an idiot.

  4. Let us remember where Facebook came from. The C_A started this in colleges. It was always about collecting information of people. It is outlawed in China and Russia. Does that tell you something? Dumbasses

  5. Tell dumbo to go home. Or maybe we can send him to the moon for like ten years.

  6. Social media is a public bulletin board. If you want privacy. Make an real life friend then call them.

  7. Most mass shooters broadcast their plans on social media before rheir attacks. The privacy people want is their personal information being sold for the companies gains. If you want privacy. Call the person.

  8. Imagine talking with your friends at the park and then a cop walks up to you and starts recording your conversation.

  9. I kinda agree, but then I personally don’t want government in my internet. We seen how that played out on people once before. Go trump but stop acting to the dems.

  10. Deer Me Barr….. remember that 5 billion dollar fine?

  11. I don't support Barr on this. The government should get out of our business. STAY OUT!

  12. Rightiousness, liberty, freedom, truth, transparancy… what are you trying to hide…it all sounds very dangerous to me, but if there is evil it must be sought out, again not at the price of privacy,so many options, laws must be made for all, it's a new era!!!


  14. Orwell's 1984 reads like a fairy tale now!

  15. Government trying to become socialism

  16. Just use the Post Office. You need a warrant to even open it. And it has to be in front of a Postal Inspector.

  17. Why!! Did not at the congressional dog and pony show hearings congress brow beat and berate him on privacy. Well!!! Now he is going to make sure we have our conversations encrypted. What’s the problem with that? Oh! Government cannot not easily snoop anymore. What does that have to do with harming the children.

  18. Where did I see Jonathan ?mmm oh ,Mike Pompeo at the EU ?

  19. U.S. Government tells Huawei it is not lawful for you to install a backdoor to spy on users…
    But U.S. Government insists that it must have backdoor access to spy on Facebook users..🤔🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  20. That’s why I don’t have FB

  21. Want privacy? How about sending a letter like people used to.

  22. Mr Barr please get Nadler Schiff Pelosi Comey and gang arrested instead of fighting an endless battle with fb.. if you dont get these, they will keep you and the Trump administration busy with more new false allegations. It will be a losing battle if u dont arrest them now. Else it will send a signal that it is alright to spy on the President and pass rumours to impeach the President. If Dems dont play by the rules do not be too nice to them when you have the authority of the law.

  23. Anyone who still has a fb account deserves what they get!

  24. Does anyone else hear "Red Flag Law"?

  25. I was watching this just fine until 2:01 and the tech meth-head on the top left bobbles up and I"m like oh gawd it's that guy again . Would someone please get that adderall addict off TV please?

  26. the problem with encryption isn't so much about gaining access to our messages, etc. It's going to allow terrorists to plot without the fear of getting caught or evidence gained against them.
    There needs to be a LAWFUL backdoor, so terrorist messages can be read.



  28. The answer is no, cant trust the government to play by the rules, period….

  29. Vatstolichamcvejkenkantlakharluktrikenmarsprekmakenhetmartomatistnuavijaluklichamfilpajfilavijabradensichmarenkanfrestachtertokomenzlehimorenbradensichdatjarigenvarsolop14jar

  30. Marstopenvarsokanikverekdatenkankisiginkomen

  31. Varenluknuvastcvejkenlichamtlakharlukhetmakenavijalukvarenbradenmisichtojarigennuoksedestbradensichokfrestlukavijaenveken

  32. well either way this goes I don't trust the government. Congress is disgusting power tripping right now over our president and Facebook already was given way too much power because of the democratic psychos that's why we're in this mess now

  33. Really but obama and clinton has backdoor spyin still. That is a national energency snd breach of global security

  34. Yes is bias of free speech. Twitter was very bad today. They are for attacks against the president but dont allow anyone other then the Left/Dems corrupt senators to say anything!! The public their banning today. The viewers

  35. Fox idiots debate. Bad guys will encrypt their data. Facebook encryption will only protect the innocent. These people are idiots, as are the DOJ, as are those Muslims that used the iPhones last year. When we have sophisticated terrorists, the DOJ's back door will only be useful for spying on American citizens. America needs to wake up to the coming surveillance state. Let's not turn into another Communist China. Let's not let the morons at Fox News do the thinking for us.

  36. I’m with Facebook on this one.

  37. If you give up liberty for security? You will end up with no liberty or security. Nor will you deserve liberty or security.

  38. The NSA has a backdoor into nearly everything, so I'm not sure why the FBI is pretending they can't access encrypted messages.

  39. Barr, get the hack out of people’s privacy and focus on the business of draining the swamp.

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