Monday , January 18 2021
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Airbnb CEO on decision to go public amid coronavirus

Airbnb CEO and Co-founder Brian Chesky on how he started the business and the decision to debut amid coronavirus.

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About approid

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  3. is this the guy who blocked conservative from renting for trump rally?

  4. One of the worst apps…. Hosts suck….disgusting stays… Airbnb support is terrible.. talk about that?

  5. That's one evil looking person.. just saying..

  6. Thank God for our Founding Fathers. I say,"They must have had Gods Divine wisdom among them." "So, Evolutionary." I am proud of our Founding Fathers. " In God We Trust." I am grateful for our God given rights to be humans. I love our Freedom from Kings, Queens, Socialist Govern and Communistic Dictatorship. I pray all homo sapiens seek Truth.

  7. Is this another israeli lets look it up……who wants to bet? Bet it is

  8. The price IPO is $65, so if you don't have money or can't borrow to buy like me, skip this video…

  9. Airbnb are dirt bags and rip off the providers but only always

  10. ill buy at 9 bucks a share 🙂

  11. Was he 1 of the 4 people who got paulsy from the vaccine? 😂

  12. Know much about ozone?
    Its causing illnesses worldwide "much like" CORONA COVID. It's the weapon of choice for the 21st century. We are exposed to OZONE even with a window open and while drinking your first sunup glass of water so, when artificially adjusted UNDER 1000FT. ALT. IT WILL INJURE. NO ONE SEES IT , NO ONE HEARS IT, NO ONE talks about it and OFFICIAL WEATHER INFORMATION has been DELETED never to be seen AGAIN.
    SEARCH: Total Ozone , weather archives everywhere, NASA for 911 2015 and look hard. This info has been YOUR PROPERTY since beginning.
    Total ozone archives NASA and ENV.

  13. In my opinion
    Congratulations on your IPO.
    I would like to have an IPO sometime soon as well.
    I would like to have seen ABNB
    Open on the open market so we all had an equal chance to buy it.
    After the auction at wholesale price staring at $68.00 A share. By the time it got to my STREET it was $146.00. A share.
    I understand the only investors privileged to buy at $68.00
    Were millionaires and billionaires.
    I understand Bezos was in on the lower price per share.
    I hope you understand my point of view. The way I see it
    Why are we paying more for the same stock.
    Open market would have made your price per share more solid and a higher per share price.
    Now you will probably see a drop as the big boys dump their shares again on the ones that bought at a much higher price per share.

  14. He’s a billionaire with that property in the background?

  15. 11:27 they have that symbol in their commercial yikes

  16. BUY an expensive condo or home in Chicago, and have to deal with these idiots RENTING IT OUT FOR LOUD, WILD DRUNKEN PARTIES. I WILL NOT LIVE in a building that allows the investors and or owners to use AIRBNB.

  17. Pump it and dump it….

  18. Yep go public …3,000 corona deaths in one day in the US.

  19. He looks nefarious😌just saying😂

  20. Good for both work at home and reopening situations

  21. this stock will hyper crash soon…DoorDash also,,,value overpriced when AirBNB has not 1 year of profit lmao but go crazy

  22. And the award for the most untrustworthy looking face in America goes to…

  23. They have ruined low rent properties for the working people and they are a PROBLEM to the WORLD, why do they and Lift and UBER get to break all the laws to become huge fast and rich but destroying things in their wake! NOW NOBODY CAN AFFORD TO LIVE!

  24. Should have done this a few months back. They have no choice: looking at easy-in competition and a lowering market, higher transportation costs due to Democrats; their model not so hot.

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