Albuquerque Community Terrified After 4 Muslim Men Were Murdered

The Muslim community in Albuquerque is on edge after the killings of four Muslim men. Authorities are calling their deaths “targeted” and say there are several things in common with all four homicides. Now, officials are desperately searching for a vehicle they say may be tied to the killings. There is a reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction of those responsible of $30,000.
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  1. nice try stoking the ethnic division, hate and fear…
    i guess the murdering doesn't always turn out the way you'd like, right..?
    purulent and vile contemptible media ghouls

  2. The media is SO bitterly disappointed that this story didn't pan out the way they were so desperately hoping. Now the story will VANISH WITHOUT A TRACE.

  3. So much for the racist/anti-Muslim serial killer hot take from the left-wing media complex. Justice for Juicy! 🤡

  4. How saddened is the media that these killings were not committed by some white-guy NRA member? You can feel their disappointment. Unreal. We are so screwed in this country.

  5. Liberal heads are spinning now that it's known the perp is not a whyte male.

  6. Don't be lazy, Humans are a race, not color. Anyway, a man with similar ideology was caught and arrested for two of the murders.

  7. Media and society was hoping it would of been a white person.

    Let’s brush this under the table….

  8. So everyone here thought it was a racist incident. "Look at their last names! That's why" Yada Yada Yada…. can you all JUMP to conclusions?

  9. They r terrorified but it's killer not terrorist when non muslim involved hypocrisy

  10. They are trying to make Muslim look pious. Watch how they create a fake story of how a Christian did this.

  11. These are clearly hate crimes. Find the killer n prosecute !!

  12. Longshot but a serial killer cop – just a
    thought – obviously racially motivated –
    These murders have to stop ASAP.

  13. Praying for the Muslim community. This is awful.

  14. Another federal hate crime to prosecute.

  15. Allah Akbar let's go…

  16. The three with the same last names were killed for that exact reason because of their last names but thats just what i think cx

  17. Here's a tip…..don't be Muslim

  18. Freedom of religion..!!

  19. In the span of????? Years…..

  20. Republicans hate non-white people! We must stop Republicans hatred and racism!!! Fight Republicans with all your might!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 stand with all americans. Not just the white ones.

  21. still probably a lot safer than living under us's little brother israel

  22. Abq ain’t no city, it’s just one big ghetto 😂

  23. What do you mean terrified? This is America. Go get your CCW and take care of yourself. What are you so terrified of? The media always exaggerates crap.

  24. Next one going to hit tomorrow morning by the park

  25. Maybe they aren’t so innocent. ??

  26. "Looking for this vehicle" shows the smallest pictures possible. Got to do better than that, y'all. I hope they catch this person or these people and throw the entire prison system at them.

  27. Looks like two white men an Asian and an actual Muslim.