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All-out manhunt for an escaped prisoner who killed prison official

Curtis Ray Watson escaped from work detail at the West Tennessee State Penitentiary and is a suspect in the homicide of Debra Johnson, 64, an administrator for the Department of Corrections.



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  1. Run forrest run. Fuck the police. And stop the fucking propaganda. I trust the great american more than the fucking police cock sucking news.

    Revolution my fellow Americans. Your country has been stolen.

  2. Find Him and Lynch The Son Of a Bitch. Exterminate Him With The Most Extreme Force. I hope He is In Florida and Someone Shoots On site.

  3. He's going to to play the insanity card

  4. I tried to detain him at Starbucks but he spit in my cup and told me to mind my own business.

  5. This world is filled with LOVE in good people. This is heaven, this world ain't aint a bad place

  6. I thought they caught him last week?

  7. He’s super dumb 6 years in knowing your still gonna have quality of life after getting out. Now he’s definitely fried!!

  8. Wow he had maybe 7 years left to do with a life ahead of him and he did this for what

  9. He wanted take the tractor to his old town road where no one could tell him nothing

  10. How is he using or get hold of a tractor after kill a prison guard????

  11. his ass is grass…killed a careful catch this bastard

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  18. Black lady probably pissed him off and he could probably be part Aryan Brotherhood, which him a star around his Group

  19. What’s wrong with our prison system ? Our future president J. Ebistein was found dead in his cell at NY too.

  20. now when he goes back he will get life lol. that was a dumb decision. . your sentence was half done.. and you never know, maybe you can get an early release date due to "who knows".

  21. Calling a person 'fake"?? Please!!!

  22. dont forget to take him to burger king

  23. If he's "of color", he's a dead man… if he's WHITE, they'll put him in the History books.

  24. Like if Curtis ray Watson should get the Death Penalty, stupid mother fucker.πŸ‘πŸ»

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  27. Soon….an all out lawyer hunt for the murdering demonic cocksuckers at TBI will ensue.

  28. He kinda looks like someone who would've voted for Donald Trump.

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